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by Reema on February 24, 2010

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25 ICC down the drain

by Reema on February 22, 2010

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I usually don’t mention any names when I talk about my pugs but this time I’m going to make an exception. Every week I usually pug a 25 man ICC on all my toons or some, even though I suck at rolls and don’t seem to be lucky at getting loots. Anyway, last night’s pug was arranged by a death knight tank named Someóne, he was also the raid leader therefore had control over loots.

On vent this DK was very rude, shockingly vulgar and kept insulting people non stop during the first boss fight. I so wanted to yell at him but that meant waking up my baby girl. After we killed Lord Marrowgar the 1st boss, one of the loots he dropped was Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter, a very nice dps 2H axe weapon.

Upon distributing the other loots for people to roll on he left the axe for last. A couple rolled on it including himself but another DK won it by rolling a 90. Naturally he should have given the winner the axe but no, he looted it to himself and instantly faked a DC (disconnected) shocking the entire raid. I was extremely angry because I got saved for nothing because of this ninja looters.

From what I’ve heard he was known to steal loots, and he had a trashy mouth.I should have known just when he posted the password vent info—-> “asstomouth” seriously!
sigh, another ninja looter on my ignore list.I hope the other DK opens a ticket and reports him.

P.S. After this incident he got kicked out of the guild he was in lol

The bastard changed his name and probably his character’s race because no one wanted to raid with him. He did say he’ll do that, unfreakin believable! guy spends money changing his toon only to ninja loot again, talk about having no life!


Failed Shaman

by Reema on February 5, 2010

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A Shaman standing just outside the Alliance bank in Dalaran showing off his gear. Now with a 5995 Gearscore you’d think wow bet his heals are awesome, unfortunately on this guy I can justly say what a waste.

Not a single haste gem was socketed on his armor, in fact he was stacked with intellect LOL (thinks he’s a pally). His haste is poorly at 500! with that gear he could’ve had 1.5k plus haste. Every gem socket was intellect and I kid you not only a total of 3 spellpower + intellect gems. I’m amazed he remembered spellpower.

on to his gear, sigh , cloth and leather with spirit? really?

  • Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads: Sockets both gemmed with 20 intellect.
  • Deathwhisper Chestpiece: Sockets were spellpower and intellect, an intellect + mp5 gem (omg mp5! yay?) and finally 20 intellect.
  • Frozen Bonespike: This dagger dropped on our 25 ICC run when I was healing on my shaman, but I knew better not to roll on it.
  • First of all shamans DO NOT need spirit, it’s useless. Second, these items are all drops from 25 ICC which means he wrongfully rolled on them and I’m pretty sure there had to be some poor druid who needed them, same goes for the dagger. However the blame is not entirely on the shaman but on the raid leader for allowing it.

    Oh almost forgot, when he was asked about his dagger and that he didn’t need spirit his reply was, “Just because it had spirit doesn’t mean I pass on an upgraded item”….fail idiot shaman who doesn’t know how to play his toon.



    by Reema on January 28, 2010

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    I was on my warrior when I had COS as the random heroic daily. I love this place, easy and fun. For those who didn’t know COS it’s a timed instance, so it’s preferable that no one dies. If you beat the timer you get an extra boss which means an extra badge reward and a drake mount drop. Even though most players have the mount we still do the timely run just because it’s a fun challenge.

    Now, on to the problem, another of my WOW pet peeves is running with lazy people. Lazy as in their gear isn’t enchanted nor gemmed, especially if that someone was a healer or a tank. Our healer, a resto shaman, was a good example, the entire tier set weren’t gemmed nor enchanted. To add to the laziness the shaman was using rank 4 totems instead of rank 8, thanks to the RankWatch addon the tank had. When we asked the shaman to update his/her totem ranks we got a
    “I know what I’m doing” …. ah huh, sure sure, that’s why we wiped twice and failed the timer.

    Resto Shaman/ Server Elune


    Ninja Looter

    by Reema on January 25, 2010

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    I pugged a 25 man TOC on my Shaman healer, figured maybe I’d get some nice level 245 upgrades. We had 3 tanks, 2 pallys and a warrior, who was also the raid leader. Problem started when I noticed he looted a Crusader Orb from a boss drop and never asked the raid to roll for it. However we did roll on the Trophy of the Crusade.

    Since no one said anything I let it go, but on the 2nd boss kill he did it again. Not only that he also told us he would take not ask but take a Trophy of the Crusade from the last boss just for being a raid leading, WHAT UTTER CRAP! One of my pet peeves is a Ninja looter, and he fits the profile so I called him out on looting the Crusader Orbs. Idiot denied looting them at first then blamed the “auto loot” when others started agreeing with me. I was the assigned enchanter to disenchant the unwanted items, he whispered me and demanded I give him all of the Abyss Crystals.

    I had 2 options:
    A. Do as I was told and become a dumb ass.
    B. Say EFF you, ask the raid to roll for the Abyss Crystals, and give them to the highest rollers then leave the raid.

    Of course I chose option B. the only fair and right thing to do. My list of bad tanks is getting longer, oh well. However I did win a nice healing ring, Ring of the Darkmender 😀


    Later a member from the ninja looter guild apologized to me, he said that the tank doesn’t represent his guild and he was known for stealing loots LOL.


    Leet Healer

    by Reema on January 20, 2010

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    I didn’t feel like healing on my druid so I switched to moonkin spec. Thank God I got UK for the random daily heroic, very easy instance. Pally tank with excellent gearscore, 50k health,simply perfect. The rest of the group consisted of a mage and a DK, both well geared. Did I forget something? oh wait, hold on a second, the healer! what do we have here…..a Resto druid, awesome. But wait let me check his gear…very nice, a couple of 10/25 man TOC gear mostly 25, and 2 or 3 items from 10 man ICC. So after my inspection I concluded this run would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong!

    Healer was NOT in tree form! we pathetically wiped at the first boss and I tried very hard not to say anything, and I mean tried very hard. Pally tank told him to switch to tree form, did he listen? nope, continued to heal the way he did until we wiped at the second boss.

    Simple Solution:
    Kicked that idiot out of the group and I switched to healing 🙂 That made me happy.

    Leet Healer/Magtheridon server


    Fury Tank

    by Reema on January 18, 2010

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    I logged on my shaman to do the random daily heroic and hoping not getting Oculus again. To my delight I got Violet Hold and I thought great! easy instance, easy to heal and the players were well geared, could this be my perfect dream pug? HELL NO! so what was the problem? the freakin warrior tank.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the more you get well geared the stupider you become, of course that doesn’t apply to all WOW players, only to some idiots. As soon as we started this warrior tank decided to tank in Fury spec, saying that mobs only hit for 3k damage so it’s no biggie, WRONG!

    For a healer it’s stressful, I repeatedly asked politely to switch back to Prot spec because he was taking a lot of damage, which meant more heals and wasting mana. He kept bragging so I simply told him either he switch or I’ll just leave. Yeah, I left, let him use his bandages to heal himself. Do I feel bad about causing a possible wipe? nope. Yet another fail pug, why am I not surprised.

    Behold, the Fury Tank/ Azgalor Server.



    by Reema on January 14, 2010

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