True Blood: Eric, Sookie and snow SX

by Reema on August 14, 2011

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After waiting many episodes for the famous shower scene tonight we get a Narnia semi snow sex scene. Kinda reminded me of Jason in season 1 getting high on V.

I loved the blood bond between Eric and Sookie, hot as hell, but the snow part was just blah. I wanted the real thing, give me some sweat, blood, bites and growls, the whole package, not a V fantasy trip. Still, was nice to look at Eric 🙂

Favorite quote on True Blood tonight:

This is so fucking lame.



by Reema on November 21, 2006

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Some people found Borat to be offensive while others laughed their asses off personally i found it to be stupidly hilarious, granted it’s not like your average comedy movie but never the less it was funny. The part that made me laugh into tears and almost threw up was when the fat man’s balls were in Borat’s face! (sorry for the spoiler i couldn’t help it LOOOOOL). I must say that Sacha Baron Cohen sure had guts making this movie no wonder it’s a success people were literally screaming with laughter, overall If you’re depressed or having a bad day then go see this movie trust me you won’t regret it 😆

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Rating: ★★★★☆

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by Reema on October 4, 2006

in Friends, Kuwait Affairs

My husband and i were invited at my best friend’s house, her mom was there and she couldn’t wait to see baby Ali. We enjoyed the evening i haven’t seen my friend for sometime so we had a lot of catching up to do. Anyway as we were chatting my friend told me something terrible, it seems her youngest 20 years old brother contracted a sexual transmitted disease when he slept with some girl and he’s been treating himself for a year. She told me he’s depressed because this messed up his life (this problem would be a big issue should he decide to get married one day). Her mom was very angry because she’s religious and was shock when she knew the truth about her son. I felt pity for him and it reminded me a while ago when i wrote something about this kind of problem. Poor kid i bet he wished he used protection.


Sexual Crimes in Kuwait

by Reema on March 31, 2006

in Kuwait Affairs, News & Politics

Lately I’ve been depressed because of the constant sexual crimes happening in Kuwait, the rate has been going high and i wish the authorities would do something about it. What happened to Kuwait? it never was like this? crimes against foreign workers is beyond terrible just a few days ago a Nepalese female reported to the police that a man posing as a police detective kidnapped her and took her to an unknown location. The man then called his friends and 21 young men raped the woman over a 10 hour period. She told police that she did not remember the license number of the car.

And what is the government doing to protect these foreign workers from such crimes?? NOTHING! that’s just one among many 🙁

Now this story is VERY serious a 40 years old divorced Kuwaiti woman was arrested by the authorities and taken to the hospital to be tested for AIDS due to internal bleeding, investigators found out that this woman had been sleeping around and arranging private parties in which she admits bringing other girls for her clients and neglected to mention she had a medical file in the hospital for infectious diseases. Investigators called 100 men whom she had sexual relations with to be tested for AIDS, the tragedy of the situation is some of these men are married! The report stated the men regrettably cried for what they did and feared they might have transmitted the disease to their wives, police said if indeed it was confirmed these men have AIDS their wives would be tested next 🙁

Too late for the tears now in my opinion this is a very dangerous situation in the United Stated it’s considered as a criminal offense if a person knows he/she has HIV or AIDS and intentionally infects others without their knowledge, in some cases the person could get the death penalty or a life term. The problem in Kuwait is lack of education especially when it comes to sex, and just mentioning the topic “sex education” people would shut you up because it’s improper! Truth to be told some men in Kuwait think with their dicks then their brains, they are selfish driven mad with their lust and desires, what? never heard of condoms? i feel sorry for their wives and families if they were infected.

Full report about this women (in Arabic) Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
Reported in English by the Arab Times and Daiji World.


A source revealed that the woman who had sexual relationships with over 100 men had been diagnosed with HIV two years ago. The authorities have not yet referred any of the men to the infectious diseases hospital for medical examination to see whether they or their wives are infected with the disease. Medical sources have revealed that over 100 other Kuwaiti man and women are now infected with the disease despite the fact that the infectious diseases hospital has case files on these men and women.

Source: Kuwait Times.


It’s really hard

by Reema on October 21, 2005

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to fast in the holy month when you are awakened almost at dawn at the sound of your next door neighbor masturbating in the bathroom!! Did she really had to scream and moan that loud?? we could even hear water splashing! That’s the thing I hate in this apartment complex the walls are made of Sheetrock and not concrete. Poor DH he had to sleep in the living room so he wouldn’t hear her, lmao.


Neighbors and Sex

by Reema on July 17, 2005

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Okay so I live in this nice apartment with an excellent view, have nice parking spot, rent is perfect, excellent location. So what’s the problem then? well I can hear my next door neighbors and the apartment above us! believe me it’s not like I’m having a blast hearing everything but it’s really a big problem for us. The other side of our living room walla is the neighbor’s bedroom, so you could image the stuff we are forced to hear. Sometimes we’d be watching T.V when suddenly we hear behind us moans, the aah’s and ooh’s Also stuff like “who’s your daddy” (no joke for real), “you like this”, “harder faster” or “beg me for more bitch” finally it ends with a scream, and that’s not all folks other times we’d hear the squeaking of a bed and a woman moaning from the apartment above us! It makes we wonder about our privacy, well no need to wonder the answer is obvious, can this problem be solved? nope, we can’t go knocking the door saying “Hi there we’re your neighbors next door, can you please stop having sex it’s kinda annoying when we’re watching TV” yeah right as if that’s going to happen.

When mom was here for a visit we were sitting in the living room talking then the “sexually activities” started, mom was like “sheno hatha?” (what’s that? – in Arabic) so I replied “3ady hatha jeerana ga3deen ye6y7oola” (Don’t worry it’s our neighbors having sex) my mom’s jaw went slack. Her expression made me laugh. Now the thing is my dad is coming next Thursday and if it happens it would really be a very awkward moment, dads are not like moms, very embarrassing indeed!