by Reema on November 4, 2006

in Ranting

I don’t want to sound mean or anything, I tend to think I get along with everybody BUT I hate people who latch on to you. I’ve recently met this woman who drives me crazy! she’s always pushing her views when it comes to taking care of my baby. As if that wasn’t enough, one time she called and told me she’ll stop by to drop some of her childcare booklets (ugh) then ends up staying 4-5 hours! oh come on lady I have a life too!

I remember one late morning she “stopped by” while I was cooking lunch. She stayed 3 hours and even ate lunch with us. She kept on chatting after my husband repeatedly hinted that he was tired. I swear I went up stairs changed my baby’s diapers put him to sleep came down stairs again and she was still yakking! I’ve also noticed she prefers to come around lunch time so she could eat. I don’t mind once or twice but NOT ALL THE TIME! and she goes for 2nds or 3rds. At least have the courtesy to tell me earlier so I cook could more!

Hmmm what else? oh yeah not to mention her misbehaving kids that drives me and my DH insane, especially when they scream and start running all over the place, and what does she do? NOTHING! I came so close of loosing it when her kid flooded the bathroom and kept on ringing the door bell after I told him not to because my baby was sleeping. The kid just laughed… ugh that’s it END OF RANT.

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Middle East

by Reema on August 4, 2006

in News & Politics, Ranting

Lately I’ve been feeling depressed, I guess it’s because of what’s happening in the Middle East. The news nowadays is so depressing and watching it just builds up my anger and rage. you have Iraq (not eye-rak, wish people would say it right for once!) in total chaos. I knew once the Americans got there civil war would break out. I don’t know how this dumb ass of a President didn’t even see it! It was so predictable, and I can’t believe he actually though Iraq was on it’s way to democracy, yeah right!

Then you have the other dumb ass bin laden with his stupid turban that I’d to struggle him with SLOWLY. Because of him people judge me without evening knowing me, yeah I’m a Muslim (not Mos-lem ) and fuck you if you think I’m a terrorist or a supporter to that worthless piece of shit! I can’t believe the ignorance I face daily. People never cease to amaze me, hell some even think I live in a tent and ride a camel! and just because I come from Kuwait doesn’t mean I own an oil field.

Don’t get me started with the war in Lebanon. I kept asking myself what did those innocent women and children die for? and why? A couple of days ago I saw on the news the Israeli response to the bombing of Qana they said that Hezballah were using children as human shields. So let me get this straight, lets say for argument sake this was true which meant the Israelis knew there were women and children located in that place. Yet they still decided to bomb it anyway? whether you agree with me or not we have terrorism in both sides and this “war against terror” is just bull! Each side has it’s own definition of terrorism. Americans and Israelis names Hezballah as terrorists but to the Arab world they are freedom fighters. Personally I don’t care what group is called what, end result people are dying on both sides.

I used to hope and dream of a better world but from the looks of things my dreams are fading and hope is slowly dying in my heart. Reality is ugly and the future is dark and unclear, God knows of whats to come.


Blood is thicker than Water?

by Reema on October 1, 2005

in Ranting

I’m so freaking bored and my lower back is killing. I’ve been staying in bed all day and did some online shopping, actually bought more ebooks to read and a few comic book to keep me busy for a while. Now it’s venting time, there’s this issue that’s been bothering. I have this vicious snake of an aunt that is so insanely jealous of her sister (my mom), she would do anything just to see us hurt! MY GOD THE WOMAN IS EVIL TO THE CORE!

I don’t understand her hatred, her actions are way out there. My cousin just told me that my nutty aunt was spreading lies and rumors about us, and she still criticizes me for marrying an American oh please get over it! I’ve been happily married for a couple of years now and she still talks about it? LOL Funny thing is she got her two sons married to the richest well known families back home, and now her VERY snobbish daughters in law are treating her like shit. My aunt is a well known back stabber, no wonder her life is going down the drain. What goes around comes around, and as we say back home “God does not hit with a stick”

I admit it hurts knowing that all the rumors and dreadful things you hear comes from a family member and not a stranger. What’s sad is her hatred is so deep that she’d be happy if God forbid something happened to us. I’ve always been kind to her I even called her from time to time, but when her hatred started affecting my mom I knew the situation went too far. The good thing is the rest of the family knows how crazy she could be so they pity her, personally I never liked her.


Neighbors and Sex

by Reema on July 17, 2005

in Humor, Ranting

Okay so I live in this nice apartment with an excellent view, have nice parking spot, rent is perfect, excellent location. So what’s the problem then? well I can hear my next door neighbors and the apartment above us! believe me it’s not like I’m having a blast hearing everything but it’s really a big problem for us. The other side of our living room walla is the neighbor’s bedroom, so you could image the stuff we are forced to hear. Sometimes we’d be watching T.V when suddenly we hear behind us moans, the aah’s and ooh’s Also stuff like “who’s your daddy” (no joke for real), “you like this”, “harder faster” or “beg me for more bitch” finally it ends with a scream, and that’s not all folks other times we’d hear the squeaking of a bed and a woman moaning from the apartment above us! It makes we wonder about our privacy, well no need to wonder the answer is obvious, can this problem be solved? nope, we can’t go knocking the door saying “Hi there we’re your neighbors next door, can you please stop having sex it’s kinda annoying when we’re watching TV” yeah right as if that’s going to happen.

When mom was here for a visit we were sitting in the living room talking then the “sexually activities” started, mom was like “sheno hatha?” (what’s that? – in Arabic) so I replied “3ady hatha jeerana ga3deen ye6y7oola” (Don’t worry it’s our neighbors having sex) my mom’s jaw went slack. Her expression made me laugh. Now the thing is my dad is coming next Thursday and if it happens it would really be a very awkward moment, dads are not like moms, very embarrassing indeed!


An email from a “friend”

by Reema on June 14, 2005

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I received an email from my so called childhood friend commenting on the entry and email I wrote about sect discrimination in Kuwait (Sunnis and Shiites) I’m sharing this email just to show you how some people back home are pure ignorant, here’s what she wrote:


Now keep in mind we are both Sunnis but unlike her she believes that Shiites and other Islamic sects that differs from her beliefs, for example Sufism, are heretics. then again not all Sunnis are alike. Some are respectable and willing to debate in an intellectual manner, and of course others choose to personally attack you like my dear “friend” here. It’s kinda funny and it doesn’t bother me at all. At least I’m not blinded by lies and ignorance, as a matter of fact my reply to her was a simple “Thank you”.

speaking the truth, respecting other people’s religions, not being a racist, not treating foreign workers as slaves, not being an extremist, not calling people infidels or heretics. Thinking that terrorist attacks against innocent people even if they’re NOT Muslims was wrong, thinking bin laden is NOT a hero but a murderer, believe all Islamic countries are corrupted, and majority of Muslim rulers are tyrants
is considered as trashy and uncivilized then I’m one proud happy uncivilized and “trashy” woman 😀