Time to Change

by Reema on June 23, 2009

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Mailed to me by my friend Bill.


I’m not going to retell the story of the 2 Kuwaiti journalist who were kidnapped and detained because it has been mentioned by Kuwaiti bloggers numerous times, here are some of these sites:
State Security Arrest, Assault Blogger And Journalist
Tortured and Detained

My thoughts:

Of course I condemn such actions that are against human rights and freedom of expression but what amazes me is the reaction of “some” Kuwaiti commentators who were shocked at this news! Come on people did you actually believe that Kuwait was really a democratic state? I swear when ever I hear that phrase “we live in a democratic country” I just want to scream. No, the truth is Kuwait has always been a police state but we never hear of how many people that were tortured UNLESS their families are well-known and rich. I have known this for years and personally knew people who went through such horrendous experiences.

The news is not shocking to me at all especially with the way Kuwait is heading towards to. However I do applaud the number of Kuwaitis who expressed their opinions against such actions. The campaign that they started makes me proud to be a Kuwaiti. Indeed the future of Kuwait is in the hands of it’s youth only then we might see a democratic Kuwait.

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The Unchosen People (The Bidoon)

by Reema on December 5, 2006

in Kuwait Affairs

Me: Hey gov
Government: what do you want now?
Me: Where’s humanity?
Government: Don’t know don’t care, I lost it.

Bidoon: Undocumented persons, or residents of the country who don’t hold citizenship because the government doesn’t recognize them


Middle East

by Reema on August 4, 2006

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Lately I’ve been feeling depressed, I guess it’s because of what’s happening in the Middle East. The news nowadays is so depressing and watching it just builds up my anger and rage. you have Iraq (not eye-rak, wish people would say it right for once!) in total chaos. I knew once the Americans got there civil war would break out. I don’t know how this dumb ass of a President didn’t even see it! It was so predictable, and I can’t believe he actually though Iraq was on it’s way to democracy, yeah right!

Then you have the other dumb ass bin laden with his stupid turban that I’d to struggle him with SLOWLY. Because of him people judge me without evening knowing me, yeah I’m a Muslim (not Mos-lem ) and fuck you if you think I’m a terrorist or a supporter to that worthless piece of shit! I can’t believe the ignorance I face daily. People never cease to amaze me, hell some even think I live in a tent and ride a camel! and just because I come from Kuwait doesn’t mean I own an oil field.

Don’t get me started with the war in Lebanon. I kept asking myself what did those innocent women and children die for? and why? A couple of days ago I saw on the news the Israeli response to the bombing of Qana they said that Hezballah were using children as human shields. So let me get this straight, lets say for argument sake this was true which meant the Israelis knew there were women and children located in that place. Yet they still decided to bomb it anyway? whether you agree with me or not we have terrorism in both sides and this “war against terror” is just bull! Each side has it’s own definition of terrorism. Americans and Israelis names Hezballah as terrorists but to the Arab world they are freedom fighters. Personally I don’t care what group is called what, end result people are dying on both sides.

I used to hope and dream of a better world but from the looks of things my dreams are fading and hope is slowly dying in my heart. Reality is ugly and the future is dark and unclear, God knows of whats to come.