Preparing for Hurricane Irene

by Reema on August 26, 2011

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So after the Earthquake that hit us on Tuesday, Hurricane Irene is on it’s way, probably tomorrow. People are going crazy here, not that I blame them. Got everything done early morning after I dropped my kids to school. I called mom in Kuwait because I know she’ll be worried sick just in case we have a power outage and I won’t be able to talk to her. Countdown!



by Reema on September 30, 2006

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Our plane was late leaving JFK airport due to traffic so instead of taking off at 9pm we left around 10:45 pm. The trip was 12 hours and of course once the turbulence started i freaked out.Baby Ali slept through the whole flight he only woke up twice for feeding and changing diapers. We arrived at Kuwait airports at 4:45pm, i was so excited to see my family. My mom cried when she saw us and i must admit i did to. My dad, uncle, brother and sister were there too. My dad and uncle (whose also named Ali) were psyched to see my baby, they couldn’t put him down and i don’t blame them since he’s the first grandchild. As soon as we got home we broke our fast and it was wonderful to finally sit with my family and eat together.


June 1st : The Delivery.

by Reema on June 3, 2006

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I just came back from the hospital with our son in my arms ๐Ÿ˜€ , Ali is 8 lbs and 14 oz (about 4 kg) and he’s 21 inches tall (53.3cm) . After 3 miscarriages and losing hope that I’ll never see a child of my own finally now i could say i have a beautiful son!

When my water broke at 4:30 am just after morning prayer we rushed to the hospital. At 5:30 am i got admitted and prepared in the delivery room. Mom and my DH were nervous and i was shaking all over i couldn’t believe it was happening for real. My doctor asked me if i was having any contractions and i wasn’t, even though i was dilated 1.5 cm. When my contractions started i thought they would give me the epidural straight away but that wasn’t the case. The nurse said I had to wait until I was dilated 3 cm. I endured the waves of massive pain that hit me, I screamed,cried and I felt like passing out.

After 6 hours of screaming I was finally dilated to 3 cm and had the epidural, oh my god! it felt great! no pain at all they also had me on Pitocin to speed up my contractions. My friends, Shara and Anna Marie, came and I was happy. It was the first time my mom will witness a real actual birth. Time flew and my dilation was slowly progressing, when it was 10:30 pm i was 9.5 cm dilated and i felt every contraction but no pain thank god only pressure.

At 11:10 pm I was fully dilated and I started pushing with the help of my mom and the nurse. My DH was filming the whole thing with his camcorder. I admit watching a delivery on T.V was totally different when experiencing the real thing. Pushing every time a contraction began was soooo exhausted and in between contraction my DH placed the oxygen mask on me. I felt like passing out and couldn’t push anymore. At the end mom had to step away and let the doctor and 2 nurses to finish their job. It was one last final push and there he was Ali came out screaming ๐Ÿ˜€ when they placed him in my arms we all cried especially mom praying and praising. Words failed me as I can’t exactly describe that precious moment. 17 hours of labor it was worth every second, minute and pain, I would do it again.

My Miracle baby

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by Reema on April 16, 2006

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After one whole year of not seeing her finally Mom is HERE! ๐Ÿ˜€ wish i could write more but we have lots of catching up to do ๐Ÿ™‚


I hate goodbyes

by Reema on February 27, 2006

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We took my dad to the airport and I felt I miss him already. The good news my mom is coming next month, yeah it’s her turn now and I’m glad she’ll be here for the delivery. What would i do without mom’s help? being this is our first child I’m so clueless that sometimes i fear i might do something wrong, i guess it’s natural feeling this way since we are first time parents. I’ve been using the glucose meter to test my blood sugar level and so far my levels are good. I admit i cheated only once, i couldn’t resist that darn chocolate ice cream ๐Ÿ˜›