When You Were Mine

by Reema on September 24, 2011

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Best creative True Blood fan video I’ve seen, done by brionyx509. Very emotional, well done.


Happy 4th Birthday Baby!

by Reema on September 19, 2011

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Alethea's 4th Birthday

Alethea's 4th Birthday

Alethea's Birthday cake

Alethea's Birthday cake


Got it! Dark Predator

by Reema on September 13, 2011

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After waiting for months it’s finally here :grin:. Usually I’d buy it the same or next day when it came out but I got busy with the kids. It’s Vampires again! my true addiction, give me blood, gore, and a lot of sucking and I’m a happy woman. Of course not forgetting the touch of romance which makes it more delish.

Here’s the blurb:

As brutal as the undead he hunted, Zacarias De La Cruz was a master executioner. Now his stark and savage journey has ended. For his brothers, Zacarias had walked to the edge of madness, but with centuries as a killing machine now left to the past and without a hunt to define him, Zacarias wonders, for the first time in his life, who he really is.
The answer awaits him back home, in Peru, in the betrayal of a woman who is readying her trap, in the vengeance of an old enemy, in the inevitable consequences of a bloody family legacy-and in the deliverance of a lifemate he never could have imagined…

Also there’s a Dark Predator book trailer.


First day of school

by Reema on September 7, 2011

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My babies are growing, so proud of them.

Going to school

Going to school


Awesome and very creative group, I’d suggest you visit and like their Facebook at BioFlims for more info and other short movies. This was my favorite.


4 Years of Bliss

by Reema on November 20, 2006

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Our wedding anniversary is today! i wonder what surprise my husband has for me? love his surprises i guess i have to wait and see 😀



by Reema on October 18, 2006

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Sameya, a woman of grace and joy, a woman of strength and gratitude and much more her, kindness was endless. I remember her smile when I was a child, so many years had passed since then. I can’t recall when I last saw her. Sameya, a woman who raised five of her children after cancer took her husband away from them 15 years ago. She gave them her strength her love her very soul. Today this great woman who lived her life to the fullest rests beneath the earth. The women wailed in pain and sorrow, and tears drenched their clothes. Her two boys who are now grown men slowly sunk down to the ground, their hands that covered their faces muffled their anguished cries. I can’t even describe how her daughters suffered their mother’s death because it pains me deeply. It was not enough that cancer took her husband but it came back to take her as well, it invaded her body taking her by surprise. It ate her soul and her strength even though she gave a good fight, at the end cancer won and now she is reunited with her husband in another world in another place far from here. She was a wonderful mother and a good wife, rest in peace aunt Sameya you shall be greatly missed.


Every little thing

by Reema on September 8, 2006

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he does…

I’d be busy cooking dinner or lunch preparing his favorite dish when he suddenly hugs and kisses me on the nape of my neck sending chills through my body. Or when I’m broken and tired unable to move from a seizure that I can’t control, he’d take my hand and whispers words of love as his tears bathed my face. Even though I’m confused and dazed unable to speak I feel his warmth, his love that slowly brings back the strength in me. I remember that day when he came from work and held me tightly, his body was shaking terribly. I asked him what was wrong and he answered with a quivering voice that he witness a car accident, a mother and her child were killed. It terrified him, he said if God forbid something would happen to me or our son he couldn’t bare to live without us. This morning like any normal day as I was feeding baby Ali the door bell rang, and when I opened it I was greeted with beautiful red roses. The card said To the best wife and mother in the entire world, Love H. I cried out of sheer happiness. Who knew after the pain I suffered from my first marriage that across the globe my soul mate, my love found me and placing me in his heart as I also did the same. He calls me his desert rose, his princess, his every thing. He healed me with his love and kindness, in a world surrounded by hate we vowed to tell our love story to tell our son, to make him believe that fairy tales do could come true.
he brings such great joy to my heart with every little thing he does…..

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