My poor baby :(

by Reema on June 23, 2006

in My Kids

The closing date for our new house was today and everything went smoothly, it took about 2 hours going through the documents with the lawyers and signing every single paper. My baby Ali had a routine ultrasound and we found out that his right kidney was enlarged due to small amount of fluid. The doctor said he had what’s called a mild Hydronephrosis. Our pediatrician told us not to worry since my son had no fever and regularly wets his diapers, but how can a mother not worry when hearing such news? We were recommended to call a specialist. I felt sad and depressed, after finishing with the lawyers I couldn’t wait to go back home and just hold my son telling him how much mommy loves him and that everything was going to be okay. Lots of questions running through my head why did this happen? was it because i was on antiepileptic medication? how will this effect my next pregnancy when we decide to have another baby?….