I’m Home!

by Reema on September 22, 2007

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Baby Alethea is finally home! I went to the hospital on Tuesday 11pm to be induced because my baby decided not to come on time. I pasted my due date therefore doctor suggested for an induction. Lucky me I went to labor Wednesday morning so I didn’t need an induction after all. Some told me that the 2nd delivery was always easy well in my case it wasn’t. I had to endure 9 hrs of labor pain, and it took forever to be dilated 3cm. Finally I screamed for the epidural. The last hour of my labor was pain free, it only took 15 mins for Alethea to pop out and I didn’t even push. Thank God no episiotomy this time 😛

Alethea was born on Wednesday at 3:15 pm on September 19th she weighed 7.3 lbs. Mom and my friend said she’s a copy of me, at first I couldn’t see it but now I do. So now I have a toddler at home and a new baby 😀 that’s it no more babies for me, well maybe in 3 to 4 years. Baby Ali is so cute with his sister, at first he got scared when he heard her cry but now he’s more interested to see the new addition to the family. Okay time for me to get some sleep I’m totally exhausted.


I’ve mentioned and define Epilepsy before in my blog, sadly where i come from people are not aware or in other words lack the knowledge about it. Anyway I’ve decided to write a series of posts from time to time about living with Epilepsy how i dealt with it, how it changed my life and so on.

I still remember my first epileptic seizure, how could i forget the night that changed my entire life. I remember at the age 10 one beautiful Thursday night my friends from the neighborhood came over to play and we were a loud bunch. Our laughter filled the night’s sky, i remember being very happy as we laid on the wet grass of our small garden looking up at the stars and singing. In fact i made up this stupid song about the north star and my friends joined in, yeah we had loads of fun but it never lasted long.

When it was bedtime i got ready for bed and went to sleep what happened next. I vaguely remember, it’s a weird feeling I’ll try my best to describe it. It’s like watching short video clips that instantly show up then it’s dark again. I only felt or remembered those short moments where I’m actually conscious for mere seconds, i remember hearing my screams, remember biting my mom’s hand (she always placed her hand in my mouth so i won’t bite my tongue even though i kept telling her numerously not to. I guess that’s what being a mother means). My seizure would last for 1-3 minutes which felt like a life time for me then so very slowly i start my journey back to reality. My first memory of being conscious was in the back seat of the car, my mom holding me in her arms and kept rocking back and forth repeatedly saying in a quivering hysterical scared voice “Do you know who I am? I’m your mother Reema look at me sweetheart do you know me?” My face was wet a mixture of my sweat and mom’s tears, i tried to answer her but i only heard myself moaning. My tongue was heavy i couldn’t speak i was very disoriented and my body felt like lead i couldn’t move i was in pain and I blanked out a few times.

Later on i heard a man’s voice i wasn’t aware of my surroundings i tired to go back to sleep but the man was persistent he kept saying “wake up Reema wake up, do you know where you are?” slowly i opened my eyes. I didn’t know where i was it took me a few minutes until i realized i was in the hospital. The doctor asked me again and i nodded. My mom who tried her best to hide her pain and fear stood next to the bed smiling and brushing my hair away from my face soothing me with prayers and words of love. Dad stood looking at me he also wore a mask to hide his true emotions, a few years later mom told me when i had my first seizure that night my dad fell on the floor and cried. I fell asleep again and after a few hours i woke up with a splitting headache my body and muscles were very sore just lifting my hand hurt like hell, mom was there and i found out that during my seizure i lost control of my bladder hence the change of clothes.

End of Part One.


Going back

by Reema on October 28, 2006

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So tomorrow I’m heading back to New Jersey, I can’t believe how time flew by so quickly. A month in Kuwait seemed just like a day or two. I haven’t updated my latest activities not that there are many. Two weeks ago I got the flu, and unfortunately Ali also got it. We took my baby to the hospital, he had a slight fever and was very congested. The doctor gave us some drops and oral meds, but his condition got worse to the point that he couldn’t breathe because of the phlem. He was also teething and that didn’t help much. He is doing well now even though he’s coughing a bit, poor baby.


Eye Surgery

by Reema on October 8, 2006

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At 9 am I was at the hospital, i was worried and a bit scared. Having my husband and dad with me helped alot. At 10 am i was all done and prepared to go into surgery, I’ve always hated operating rooms they are very cold and looks like a clean dungeon with it’s torture instruments. Anyway the anesthesiologist looked down at me and said not to be scared i was going to have a local anathestic. Injecting me in the corner of my eye HURTS LIKE HELL! by the time i took the 2nd shot the area around my eyes were numb. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes i didn’t feeling any pain only tugging and pulling. I had 1 stitch and was sent me home, of course once the numbness started to wear off the pain was unbearable. I had no choice but to break my fast so i could take pain killers. I looked like a pirate and the kids sure had fun laughing at me 🙂


Me Eye

by Reema on October 7, 2006

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I got this nasty stye at the corner of my right eye. It started small now it got bigger over the years. It’s damn ugly, it’s not that noticeable only if I pointed it out but it’s sure is irritating. I made my decision and today and made an appointment with my mom’s ophthalmologist, see if he could take it out surgically. The doctor did ask me if i was sure to go ahead with the surgery because it wasn’t that bad, but I insisted. Next morning I have to be at the hospital at 9am and the surgery was at 10 am.



by Reema on October 4, 2006

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My husband and i were invited at my best friend’s house, her mom was there and she couldn’t wait to see baby Ali. We enjoyed the evening i haven’t seen my friend for sometime so we had a lot of catching up to do. Anyway as we were chatting my friend told me something terrible, it seems her youngest 20 years old brother contracted a sexual transmitted disease when he slept with some girl and he’s been treating himself for a year. She told me he’s depressed because this messed up his life (this problem would be a big issue should he decide to get married one day). Her mom was very angry because she’s religious and was shock when she knew the truth about her son. I felt pity for him and it reminded me a while ago when i wrote something about this kind of problem. Poor kid i bet he wished he used protection.


Ali’s Ultrasound

by Reema on August 15, 2006

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The good news my baby’s mild hydronephrosis was not from reflux (occurs when the valve between the ureter and the bladder does not work properly and urine can travel back up to the kidney). The doctor said he’ll grow out of it but it’ll takes time. They will keep on monitoring his right kidney just to make sure everything is okay. His scheduled ultrasound was today, it took about 20 minutes and he cried a little. It’s always hard for a mother to watch.


My poor baby :(

by Reema on June 23, 2006

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The closing date for our new house was today and everything went smoothly, it took about 2 hours going through the documents with the lawyers and signing every single paper. My baby Ali had a routine ultrasound and we found out that his right kidney was enlarged due to small amount of fluid. The doctor said he had what’s called a mild Hydronephrosis. Our pediatrician told us not to worry since my son had no fever and regularly wets his diapers, but how can a mother not worry when hearing such news? We were recommended to call a specialist. I felt sad and depressed, after finishing with the lawyers I couldn’t wait to go back home and just hold my son telling him how much mommy loves him and that everything was going to be okay. Lots of questions running through my head why did this happen? was it because i was on antiepileptic medication? how will this effect my next pregnancy when we decide to have another baby?….