Whoopi Rocks!

by Reema on October 22, 2005

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At 7:10 pm we went to the New Jersey State theater (a 5 min walk from where we live) to see Whoopi Goldberg, and we had loads of fun. The show started at 8 pm and she was hilarious I laughed so hard that my ribs were hurting 😀 She talked about religion, politics, her childhood, her grand kids (very funny stuff) and how times had changed. When it came to politics I love the way she pointed things out in a comical way that made you think how true it was. She said her birthday was in 2 weeks, she’ll be 50 years old. Overall we had an enjoying evening, too bad cameras were not allowed. I took a few pics but they didn’t come out that clear because of the spotlights, these are the best ones:

Whoopi on stage (damn the lights)

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People leaving at the end.

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It’s really hard

by Reema on October 21, 2005

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to fast in the holy month when you are awakened almost at dawn at the sound of your next door neighbor masturbating in the bathroom!! Did she really had to scream and moan that loud?? we could even hear water splashing! That’s the thing I hate in this apartment complex the walls are made of Sheetrock and not concrete. Poor DH he had to sleep in the living room so he wouldn’t hear her, lmao.


The Holy Mug

by Reema on July 5, 2005

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After many months of endless searching stores and malls finally the search for the Holy Mug has ended. Now allow me to tell you the tale :

My husband, the knight in shining armor, became fascinated with Mugs at an early age hence his collection started. After my knight married me under a full moon, we galloped to our beautiful castle on top of a green hill decorated with red and white roses. Indeed it was a magical view I shall forever remember it. That night I was surprised to discover his vast collection of mugs with various shapes, sizes and colors. My lord husband told me stories that each mug held. I was captivated by their rich history,and I could see how proud he was as he held each cup delicately and showed me its colors, what they meant and where it came from.

Sadly non of these beautiful mugs ever satisfied him when he drank his favorite freshly squeezed grape juice, of course at that time I did not know why. One night as we were having our candlelit dinner I saw him frown after taking a sip of his drink so I asked, “Is something wrong dear?”
“it does not feel right”
“What does not feel right?” I asked again
“This mug, the handle is slippery and it’s too small to quench my thirst, no this mug is definitely not for me. I need a larger one” he replied.
I did not utter a word I merely stared at his frowning face as he examined his jar-shaped mug, and I knew from that moment the quest for the Holy Mug has began.

My lord knight went on his quest taking me with him. We day and night we searched but we couldn’t find it. The people of in the village were of no help at all, and still there was no path to lead us to the Holy Mug. After two months I completely gave up and decided to go back home, but my lord husband did not. This quest was far more important to him, and he took it upon himself to finish what he started.

A week passed by and still I have not heard any news. One morning as I was sitting in my garden I heard a rider coming, it was my husband. He jumped off his stallion screaming


and behold the Holy Mug held high above his head shining beautifully under the sun. It was a magnificent sight, and it had the most beautiful and exotic colorful symbols that looked so ancient. But that’s not what got my attention, it was the happiness in my lord’s eyes that warmed my heart. Indeed he was rewarded for his patience. Later that night as we ate our dinner, he looked at me with those beautiful baby blue eyes that I loved, lifted his mug and said:
“This is truly a Mug fit for a King”

The End

Note: Based on a true story but I had to romanticize it a bit 😉