Death in the Family

by Reema on July 1, 2007

in General, Kuwait Affairs, Memoriam

I was so happy and looking forward to see my dad but he called just before going to the airport and told me about Uncle Essa’s death. I knew he was in the hospital for the past few days and at 75 years old i had a feeling he wouldn’t last for long. I wanted to call my aunt but decided to wait at least a day because i know how things are over there now, rest in peace Uncle Essa.


Eye Surgery

by Reema on October 8, 2006

in Events, Kuwait Affairs

At 9 am I was at the hospital, i was worried and a bit scared. Having my husband and dad with me helped alot. At 10 am i was all done and prepared to go into surgery, I’ve always hated operating rooms they are very cold and looks like a clean dungeon with it’s torture instruments. Anyway the anesthesiologist looked down at me and said not to be scared i was going to have a local anathestic. Injecting me in the corner of my eye HURTS LIKE HELL! by the time i took the 2nd shot the area around my eyes were numb. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes i didn’t feeling any pain only tugging and pulling. I had 1 stitch and was sent me home, of course once the numbness started to wear off the pain was unbearable. I had no choice but to break my fast so i could take pain killers. I looked like a pirate and the kids sure had fun laughing at me 🙂



by Reema on September 30, 2006

in Kuwait Affairs

Our plane was late leaving JFK airport due to traffic so instead of taking off at 9pm we left around 10:45 pm. The trip was 12 hours and of course once the turbulence started i freaked out.Baby Ali slept through the whole flight he only woke up twice for feeding and changing diapers. We arrived at Kuwait airports at 4:45pm, i was so excited to see my family. My mom cried when she saw us and i must admit i did to. My dad, uncle, brother and sister were there too. My dad and uncle (whose also named Ali) were psyched to see my baby, they couldn’t put him down and i don’t blame them since he’s the first grandchild. As soon as we got home we broke our fast and it was wonderful to finally sit with my family and eat together.


I hate goodbyes

by Reema on February 27, 2006

in General, Pregnancy

We took my dad to the airport and I felt I miss him already. The good news my mom is coming next month, yeah it’s her turn now and I’m glad she’ll be here for the delivery. What would i do without mom’s help? being this is our first child I’m so clueless that sometimes i fear i might do something wrong, i guess it’s natural feeling this way since we are first time parents. I’ve been using the glucose meter to test my blood sugar level and so far my levels are good. I admit i cheated only once, i couldn’t resist that darn chocolate ice cream 😛



by Reema on January 29, 2006

in General, Pregnancy

Me dad is coming tomorrow from Kuwait 😀 last time he visited was about 6 months ago. I miss him so much and can’t wait to see him again. He’ll be staying for a month and it’ll be the first time he sees me pregnant!