Bill Compton

When You Were Mine

by Reema on September 24, 2011

in Creative, Movies & Shows

Best creative True Blood fan video I’ve seen, done by brionyx509. Very emotional, well done.


Waiting Sucks!

by Reema on September 20, 2011

in Movies & Shows

I’m suffering already, season five 9 months away 🙁


$20,200.01 so far, amazing!

by Reema on September 15, 2011

in Events, Movies & Shows

If I’m paying that amount of money to have lunch with Alexander Skarsgard, he’d better be naked served on a plate of gold, add the chocolate for dessert later 😆 On a serious note it’s really nice of them to do this for charity, and offer the time out of their busy schedules. Good luck to the winner, ye lucky bastard!


True Blood Finale *sobs*

by Reema on September 12, 2011

in Movies & Shows

And finally True Blood is over 🙁 now I have to wait 9 months for season 5, waiting sucks!

Spoilers/Cliff hangers:

Tara getting shot was a total shocker but I have a feeling she’s not dead. Maybe season 5 she might be turned into a vampire? I’m pretty sure Eric and Bill will sense Sookie’s distress and will come running. Questions in mind, will Tara be turned and who is going to be her maker? is she really dead? will she be the “Bubba” from the books? I’m so glad Debbie is gone, was about time to get rid of that skank.

Russell Edgington is back! I’m very excited about this because I know he’s going to cause some major havoc next season.

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