Going back

by Reema on October 28, 2006

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So tomorrow I’m heading back to New Jersey, I can’t believe how time flew by so quickly. A month in Kuwait seemed just like a day or two. I haven’t updated my latest activities not that there are many. Two weeks ago I got the flu, and unfortunately Ali also got it. We took my baby to the hospital, he had a slight fever and was very congested. The doctor gave us some drops and oral meds, but his condition got worse to the point that he couldn’t breathe because of the phlem. He was also teething and that didn’t help much. He is doing well now even though he’s coughing a bit, poor baby.



by Reema on October 3, 2006

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For those who don’t know what’s a Gergee-an it’s a very old tradition that starts during the holy month of Ramadan it’s similar to “trick or treat” of Halloween the difference is there is no treat, here children wear special nice clothes and they go door to door in their neighborhood chanting Gergee-an songs so they could be rewarded with sweets to fill up their hand bags. Some houses in honor of their children prepare special designs hand bags/boxes filled with sweets to send them out to their friends and families, usually the boxes would have a picture of the boy/girl in it with a small card identifying whom the Gergee-an is from. The sweets doesn’t have to be in handbags or boxes some people get creative and come up with beautiful designs, here are some examples that i received from friends and family:

This one is a beautiful lantern the sweets were placed inside.

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Another beautiful lantern

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This one is different then the others and you could see the bag of sweets.

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My mom decided to prepare a Gergee-an for my baby Ali and since she has a tailor shop she sewed the bags herself.
This evening all of her friends were coming, a women’s gathering if you want to call it. All were eager to see baby Ali the long awaited grandson. One by one they came each with their fancy colorful clothes, their shining diamonds that decorated their necks, ears and hands, and not forgetting their high pitch squeaky Hi’s that would make a deaf man hear again. I sat there holding Ali as one of them greeted me and with a “May I?” she snatched my baby just before i was about to mention that he was allergic to perfumes and scented oil which of course drenched their clothes. Ali was being passed by from one person to the other. I could imagine from a baby’s perspective he would see huge monsters with painted faces laughing wickedly in his face. No sooner was he held by the 18th person did he screamed his protest. One old lady whispered in my ear just before i was about to go to my son “it’s the evil eye i tell you, read some verses of the Quran for protection or he’ll never sleep tonight” i nodded and went to my baby he was so tired he immediately slept in my arms, i went to my room and put him in his crib hoping he won’t dream of monsters with painted faces.

After making sure Ali was sound asleep i put the baby monitor on and went to join them again. The women danced and chatted, the usual gossip i guess, then we had dinner (I’m glad to eat good Kuwaiti food!) afterwards mom gave each guest their Gergee-an each one was different from the other but the sweets inside were the same. It was an enjoyable evening but I’m not sure Ali had fun, poor baby. Here’s the Gergee-an mom made:

That’s from the outside which mom made, it looks like a couch cushion, each one had a different design.

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This is the box inside the cover.

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My favorite part, the pouch of sweets ๐Ÿ˜€

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by Reema on September 30, 2006

in Kuwait Affairs

Our plane was late leaving JFK airport due to traffic so instead of taking off at 9pm we left around 10:45 pm. The trip was 12 hours and of course once the turbulence started i freaked out.Baby Ali slept through the whole flight he only woke up twice for feeding and changing diapers. We arrived at Kuwait airports at 4:45pm, i was so excited to see my family. My mom cried when she saw us and i must admit i did to. My dad, uncle, brother and sister were there too. My dad and uncle (whose also named Ali) were psyched to see my baby, they couldn’t put him down and i don’t blame them since he’s the first grandchild. As soon as we got home we broke our fast and it was wonderful to finally sit with my family and eat together.



by Reema on August 27, 2006

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After 4 months mom is going back home today ๐Ÿ™ It seemed like I didn’t have time to do anything and even though we are going back to Kuwait next month I still would miss her terribly. We were leaving to JFK airport at 1:30 pm, I decided to take baby Ali with us. I know it’s a 2 hour ride but I did it for mom, I wanted her to spend what little time she had with him. We arrived there at 4 pm, mom was sad for leaving baby Ali, and I kept telling her not to worry in 4 weeks we’ll be in Kuwait. When it was time to say our farewells mom broke into tears. After 10 minutes we left and headed back home, I sat at the back seat with Ali just in case he cried or needed to be fed. I realized tomorrow I’d be alone with my son in the house, no more help from mom. Tomorrow my first job of being a full time mother and a house wife.


Ali’s Ultrasound

by Reema on August 15, 2006

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The good news my baby’s mild hydronephrosis was not from reflux (occurs when the valve between the ureter and the bladder does not work properly and urine can travel back up to the kidney). The doctor said he’ll grow out of it but it’ll takes time. They will keep on monitoring his right kidney just to make sure everything is okay. His scheduled ultrasound was today, it took about 20 minutes and he cried a little. It’s always hard for a mother to watch.


Ali’s first bath

by Reema on July 2, 2006

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It’s been over a month since I gave birth and i still didn’t bath Ali. Well to be precise i didn’t wash his hair that’s because i didn’t know how and I’m scared that i might screw up and hurt him. Mom couldn’t help either due to her weak hands. So my dear friend Anna Marie volunteered to show me, sure he cried and screamed his lungs out but at the end we had one clean good smelling baby ๐Ÿ˜€

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My poor baby :(

by Reema on June 23, 2006

in My Kids

The closing date for our new house was today and everything went smoothly, it took about 2 hours going through the documents with the lawyers and signing every single paper. My baby Ali had a routine ultrasound and we found out that his right kidney was enlarged due to small amount of fluid. The doctor said he had what’s called a mild Hydronephrosis. Our pediatrician told us not to worry since my son had no fever and regularly wets his diapers, but how can a mother not worry when hearing such news? We were recommended to call a specialist. I felt sad and depressed, after finishing with the lawyers I couldn’t wait to go back home and just hold my son telling him how much mommy loves him and that everything was going to be okay. Lots of questions running through my head why did this happen? was it because i was on antiepileptic medication? how will this effect my next pregnancy when we decide to have another baby?….


Being a mom

by Reema on June 11, 2006

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The sleepless nights, the constant crying, the feeding, and of course changing the diapers ๐Ÿ˜€ how many years i waited for all of this? i know some women might complain but me? Nah i actually enjoy it, no love it! Ali has been taking most of my time. Mom has been great but sometimes i can’t help but feel i want Ali all to myself, maybe because I’m a first time mom. It’s weird but i feel like getting pregnant again lol Maybe next year I’ll have a little sister or brother for Ali. Only 1 week left and we’re moving to our new house, I’m so happy with my new life ๐Ÿ˜€