The End….for now

by Reema on February 5, 2011

in World of Warcraft & other Games

Sadly after playing 5 years of WOW I decided to quit, not too happy with the latest expansion. I enjoyed BC, WOTLK was okay but Cataclysm just destroyed WOW IMO. Most people couldn’t handle the dramatic change from Wotlk to cata (easy to hard difficult levels). I don’t mind the challenge but I don’t like how they changed classes, especially healers. I used to love my resto shammy now I simple stopped healing and just switched full dps. Some healers found it difficult to heal in instances due to idiot tanks who still have the WOTLK mentality. There are many reasons as to why I’m quitting the game and if I talked about them it’ll be endless lol

Maybe I should try Rift or other MMORPG games, who knows.

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