I’m Back!

by Reema on May 11, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I’m back! I really needed a break from pugging raids, it got to be too much. This is the downfall of have multiple toons. My official 25 man raids on my main (resto shammy) with my guild are on Tuesday and Thursday, and 10 man ICC usually on Wednesday or/and Monday (depends if any showed up). So the rest of the days I pug on my other toons. It got to a point were I was raiding every night and it wore me out. Also failed pugs tend to be discouraging. Now I’m ready to pug again, gotta gear my other alts because I hate leaving one behind.

On a pleasant note I did pug a 25 ICC on my druid and I got some nice gloves, Handguards of Winter’s Respite, a better upgrade from the cloth I had before. I love playing my druid even though I draw aggro most of the time I love the DPS. My druid still needs a few items so in the coming weeks I’m going to concentrate on gearing it, also I need to craft the new level 264 boots to replace the level 226 I have now.

anywho laterzzzz.

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