Confused Tree

by Reema on March 7, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I pugged a ICC on my druid as a moonkin, and after 4 wipes on the first boss people started to leave, some were healers. We needed more healers so two were invited to the raid. One of them was a resto druid, and as always I like checking people’s gear. His gear was so shocking that my jaw dropped to the floor, in fact it was hilarious. Now keep in mind he had a gearscore of 5201 but that doesn’t mean anything.

Okay he was specced as a resto but his gear indicated other wise, here’s the list:

  • Three pieces of T9 (hands, shoulders and chest) but Moonkin gear.
  • The famous DPS trinket Needle-Encrusted Scorpion. (If he’s using it for the crit then he’s an idiot).
  • Idol used Idol of Lunar Fury, another Moonkin gear,
  • And finally the correct item he used was the T10 resto helm, Lasherweave Helmet.
  • Conclusion, this guy’s gear was a hot mess and desperately needed a makeover, at least he left after another wipe better than being kicked out of the raid for poor healing.

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