Failed Shaman

by Reema on February 5, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

A Shaman standing just outside the Alliance bank in Dalaran showing off his gear. Now with a 5995 Gearscore you’d think wow bet his heals are awesome, unfortunately on this guy I can justly say what a waste.

Not a single haste gem was socketed on his armor, in fact he was stacked with intellect LOL (thinks he’s a pally). His haste is poorly at 500! with that gear he could’ve had 1.5k plus haste. Every gem socket was intellect and I kid you not only a total of 3 spellpower + intellect gems. I’m amazed he remembered spellpower.

on to his gear, sigh , cloth and leather with spirit? really?

  • Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads: Sockets both gemmed with 20 intellect.
  • Deathwhisper Chestpiece: Sockets were spellpower and intellect, an intellect + mp5 gem (omg mp5! yay?) and finally 20 intellect.
  • Frozen Bonespike: This dagger dropped on our 25 ICC run when I was healing on my shaman, but I knew better not to roll on it.
  • First of all shamans DO NOT need spirit, it’s useless. Second, these items are all drops from 25 ICC which means he wrongfully rolled on them and I’m pretty sure there had to be some poor druid who needed them, same goes for the dagger. However the blame is not entirely on the shaman but on the raid leader for allowing it.

    Oh almost forgot, when he was asked about his dagger and that he didn’t need spirit his reply was, “Just because it had spirit doesn’t mean I pass on an upgraded item”….fail idiot shaman who doesn’t know how to play his toon.

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    Breaker March 30, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    I play a shaman on Ysondre. I do love my intellect, but he was taking way to far with all the incorrect gemming. I have to comment on the dagger, though, he said it was an upgrade, he might have had a point, what was his original weapon?


    Reema March 30, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    I don’t know what was his weapon before, but last I checked he replaced it with Trauma. Also his leather/cloth gear is replaced by mail finally, still gemmed with intel though.


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