25 ICC down the drain

by Reema on February 22, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I usually don’t mention any names when I talk about my pugs but this time I’m going to make an exception. Every week I usually pug a 25 man ICC on all my toons or some, even though I suck at rolls and don’t seem to be lucky at getting loots. Anyway, last night’s pug was arranged by a death knight tank named Someóne, he was also the raid leader therefore had control over loots.

On vent this DK was very rude, shockingly vulgar and kept insulting people non stop during the first boss fight. I so wanted to yell at him but that meant waking up my baby girl. After we killed Lord Marrowgar the 1st boss, one of the loots he dropped was Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter, a very nice dps 2H axe weapon.

Upon distributing the other loots for people to roll on he left the axe for last. A couple rolled on it including himself but another DK won it by rolling a 90. Naturally he should have given the winner the axe but no, he looted it to himself and instantly faked a DC (disconnected) shocking the entire raid. I was extremely angry because I got saved for nothing because of this ninja looters.

From what I’ve heard he was known to steal loots, and he had a trashy mouth.I should have known just when he posted the password vent info—-> “asstomouth” seriously!
sigh, another ninja looter on my ignore list.I hope the other DK opens a ticket and reports him.

P.S. After this incident he got kicked out of the guild he was in lol

The bastard changed his name and probably his character’s race because no one wanted to raid with him. He did say he’ll do that, unfreakin believable! guy spends money changing his toon only to ninja loot again, talk about having no life!

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