by Reema on January 28, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I was on my warrior when I had COS as the random heroic daily. I love this place, easy and fun. For those who didn’t know COS it’s a timed instance, so it’s preferable that no one dies. If you beat the timer you get an extra boss which means an extra badge reward and a drake mount drop. Even though most players have the mount we still do the timely run just because it’s a fun challenge.

Now, on to the problem, another of my WOW pet peeves is running with lazy people. Lazy as in their gear isn’t enchanted nor gemmed, especially if that someone was a healer or a tank. Our healer, a resto shaman, was a good example, the entire tier set weren’t gemmed nor enchanted. To add to the laziness the shaman was using rank 4 totems instead of rank 8, thanks to the RankWatch addon the tank had. When we asked the shaman to update his/her totem ranks we got a
“I know what I’m doing” …. ah huh, sure sure, that’s why we wiped twice and failed the timer.

Resto Shaman/ Server Elune

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