Independence Day

by Reema on June 19, 2005

in Kuwait Affairs

On June 19, 1961 Kuwait regains full independence from Britain, Iraq refused to accept it and argued that Kuwait had been separated from it illegitimately because it claimed Kuwait was part of southern Iraq. Iraq threaten to take over Kuwait but after being pressured by Arab countries and Britain Iraq eventually backed down from its claim. The emir of Kuwait nonetheless felt it necessary to promote national unity. He allowed elections for a constituent assembly, which took place in late 1961, and the assembly wrote a constitution the following year that guaranteed the Al-Sabah’s dominance but allowed the people a role in government. In 1963 Kuwait became a member of the United Nations, and later that year Iraq agreed to abandon its threats and recognize Kuwait’s independence and borders in a treaty signed by both governments (although there were border clashes in 1973).

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