Ninja Looter

by Reema on January 25, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I pugged a 25 man TOC on my Shaman healer, figured maybe I’d get some nice level 245 upgrades. We had 3 tanks, 2 pallys and a warrior, who was also the raid leader. Problem started when I noticed he looted a Crusader Orb from a boss drop and never asked the raid to roll for it. However we did roll on the Trophy of the Crusade.

Since no one said anything I let it go, but on the 2nd boss kill he did it again. Not only that he also told us he would take not ask but take a Trophy of the Crusade from the last boss just for being a raid leading, WHAT UTTER CRAP! One of my pet peeves is a Ninja looter, and he fits the profile so I called him out on looting the Crusader Orbs. Idiot denied looting them at first then blamed the “auto loot” when others started agreeing with me. I was the assigned enchanter to disenchant the unwanted items, he whispered me and demanded I give him all of the Abyss Crystals.

I had 2 options:
A. Do as I was told and become a dumb ass.
B. Say EFF you, ask the raid to roll for the Abyss Crystals, and give them to the highest rollers then leave the raid.

Of course I chose option B. the only fair and right thing to do. My list of bad tanks is getting longer, oh well. However I did win a nice healing ring, Ring of the Darkmender 😀


Later a member from the ninja looter guild apologized to me, he said that the tank doesn’t represent his guild and he was known for stealing loots LOL.

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