Leet Healer

by Reema on January 20, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I didn’t feel like healing on my druid so I switched to moonkin spec. Thank God I got UK for the random daily heroic, very easy instance. Pally tank with excellent gearscore, 50k health,simply perfect. The rest of the group consisted of a mage and a DK, both well geared. Did I forget something? oh wait, hold on a second, the healer! what do we have here…..a Resto druid, awesome. But wait let me check his gear…very nice, a couple of 10/25 man TOC gear mostly 25, and 2 or 3 items from 10 man ICC. So after my inspection I concluded this run would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong!

Healer was NOT in tree form! we pathetically wiped at the first boss and I tried very hard not to say anything, and I mean tried very hard. Pally tank told him to switch to tree form, did he listen? nope, continued to heal the way he did until we wiped at the second boss.

Simple Solution:
Kicked that idiot out of the group and I switched to healing 🙂 That made me happy.

Leet Healer/Magtheridon server

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