Fury Tank

by Reema on January 18, 2010

in World of Warcraft & other Games

I logged on my shaman to do the random daily heroic and hoping not getting Oculus again. To my delight I got Violet Hold and I thought great! easy instance, easy to heal and the players were well geared, could this be my perfect dream pug? HELL NO! so what was the problem? the freakin warrior tank.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the more you get well geared the stupider you become, of course that doesn’t apply to all WOW players, only to some idiots. As soon as we started this warrior tank decided to tank in Fury spec, saying that mobs only hit for 3k damage so it’s no biggie, WRONG!

For a healer it’s stressful, I repeatedly asked politely to switch back to Prot spec because he was taking a lot of damage, which meant more heals and wasting mana. He kept bragging so I simply told him either he switch or I’ll just leave. Yeah, I left, let him use his bandages to heal himself. Do I feel bad about causing a possible wipe? nope. Yet another fail pug, why am I not surprised.

Behold, the Fury Tank/ Azgalor Server.

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