by Reema on August 12, 2009

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High above the cliff overlooking the restless raging waves and black rocks they preformed the ritual of love. The howling winds disguised their hymn to one another. Just like the storm she wanted to destroy the emptiness that ate her alive. Her love was wild and untamed. Her desireS unleashed, free to ravish, to feel, to touch, and to taste. The storm only heightened her lust, her yearning and causing her shame to vanish.

In utter surrender she threw her head backwards facing the veined thunderous dark skies screaming her pleasure with intense ecstasy making the gods envious, her act of holy defiance. They held each other tightly afraid to let go, not knowing if this was real or only a dream. If it was a dream they did not want to be awakened. Scents mingled, bodies intertwined, rules were broken, soul and heart joined just for mere moments of inner peace. In silence their eyes spoke of endless devotion, of despair and broken vows.

She wanted to stop the growing void inside her, but this was no fairy tale. This was her destiny, her fate, to taste that forbidden fruit and still feel the gnawing hunger, to drink the water of life and still cannot quench her thirst. Was he the one that would banish her emptiness forever? His touch was gentle yet his eyes like her own held untold hidden secrets and past torments. Two different souls touched by Fate’s anguished teardrop uniting them in what little time they had together on this earth. Both dwelling in their miseries.

Alas the clouds shied away filling the skies with spying stars. As the storm slowly faded, and the drizzle kissed their naked bodies washing their sins away. She looked far into the horizon knowing so well another storm was on its way. The battle was lost and both were defeated. All they had were their endless devotion, their despair and broken vows.


Art by Maria Sumpter Copyright © 2005

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ck April 14, 2010 at 4:06 am

…This was her destiny, her fate, to taste that forbidden fruit ….

r u sure ?


Reema April 14, 2010 at 7:27 am

At that time yes.


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