One of those nights

by Reema on May 26, 2009

in My Poetry,Stories & Thoughts

It’s been awhile and I thought I was safe. I thought it went away but in reality I was a dreamer, or rather I fooled myself into believing it was over. Last night deep in my sleep my nightmares came back. My screams woke me up, hate when that happens. I really didn’t mean to scare my baby and disturb her sleep. How can anyone stop their nightmares from coming back, same scene, same event, over and over again, never ending, reminding, punishing, ever tormenting.

I can’t deny I rarely sleep at night, but I can’t fight my body when it wants to rest. God knows how many times I tried. Finally I slept and my nightmare came with vengeance. When I woke up screaming my pillow was wet from my tears. Would it ever stop? I don’t know, I really don’t know…

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