Sect Discrimination

by Reema on June 9, 2005

in Kuwait Affairs

OK we went from abusing foreign workers to sect discrimination what’s next? If you didn’t know 1/3 of Kuwait’s population are Shiites (956,000) and now the national unity in the country is fading away, the government “brilliantly” decided to appoint 6 members of the municipal council all are Sunni!! only one Shiite among 10 members was elected. A Shiite scholar Mohamed Baqer said “We noticed a deliberate exclusion of a large sect in Kuwait, contrary to established norms.” he also added “What happened is not in the interest of the government and the country, and could lead, God forbid, to a crack in the national unity and a fragmentation of society”. This is exactly what happened to the former information minister Mohamed Alhassan who was also a Shiite but sadly he was forced to resign last January under pressure from Sunni Islamists. Maybe i should stop reading news from back home cuz it pisses me off, politics gives me a headache anyway i mean why bother to vent here when no one really cares to do something and change the system! so from now on I’ll be talking about daffodils and daisies.

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