More Crimes against Foreign workers

by Reema on June 8, 2005

in Kuwait Affairs

I always read the daily Kuwait newspaper and what i read today made me extremely angry, it was reported in the Al-Rai Al-Aaam Arabic newspaper [Article for Arab readers] that a maid from the philippines was kidnapped in Jahra providence (majority population are Bedouins and crime level is very high) she was taken to one of the camp sites in Jahra desert and forcibly rapped by 20 men for 3 days!! Another incident a maid ran away from her employer for unknown reasons and then was kidnapped by 3 men also raped numerous times!! I mean come on this has been going on for ever almost in a daily basis why isn’t the government doing something about it?

Some Facts:

  1. Foreign workers constitute approximately 80% of the labor force in Kuwait.
  2. Domestic servants are not protected by the labor law.
  3. Foreign workers suffer from a lack of a minimum wage in the private sector.
  4. Foreign residents involved in legal disputes with citizens frequently complain that the courts show a bias in favor of Kuwaiti citizens.
  5. Women’s Rights Project investigators in Kuwait reported that since Kuwait’s liberation in March 1992, more than 2,000 maids sought refuge in embassies from the terror, these women are mainly from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India.

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