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by Reema on July 18, 2007

in Quizzes

Taken from Pearls post, here goes:

1. Grab your phone: Done.

2. What kind is your phone: Nokia N70.

3. Who’s the first name that comes up under letter M: Maha.

4. Last person you called: Friend.

5. Last missed call: Aunt Ghaneema.

6. 2nd name that comes up under letter D: Dad.

7. Speed dial 2: None.

8. 3rd name that comes up under J: Jabir.

9. Last received call: Shara.

10. Speed dial 4: None.

11. What does your banner say: No banner.

12. Number of text msgs: 60

13. Background: Lion-O of Thundercats 😳

14. Speed dial 1: None.

15. 5th sms says:

But me and Lion-O are not getting along!

16. First name that comes up under B: Bilal.

17. How many bars of signal do you have: 7.

18. Last text msg from: Shara.

19. Name all the persons you have text msgs from:

    Few Cousins

20. 9th person on recent calls: Mom.

21. 6th msg say:

Can I change ur pic now 2 u and Ali? PLEASE!

22. First name in phonebook: Abdulla.

23. Last name in phonebook: Yesra.

24. Do you have a camera phone: Yes.

25. Last name under G: None.

26. Last text msg say:

Are u sending me games?

27. Most text msgs sent to: Dad, and Shara.

28: Ring tone: Evening Falls by Enya.

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