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by Reema on July 4, 2007

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This is the latest letter Ms Katherine Phillips wrote:

Dear Barbara,

I am out of the GCC. Still worried about my safety. I met with a Human Rights Group in Kuwait last Wednesday. They wanted to help me and told me that they planned to write to the Prime Minister of Kuwait. That’s pretty high up in the political sphere. The first Minister contacted to my knowledge was the Minister of the Interior, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs, then the PM. I just work for a school and it reached these heights? That’s scary. I think to be released all it would have taken was a phone call from one of these men, but on Saturday I was told there wasn’t any hope. I think that would scare just about anyone. I know that these men were personally approached about my situation – not just in writing.

I did nothing wrong; I just made the wrong person angry. So, what do you think the political situation is for any teacher in Kuwait ?

I’m not sure how I got out of the country. I was notified by text message that the travel ban was lifted but I don’t know how long the ban was lifted. I left immediately. This entire situation is surreal. I’m just an ordinary person and I don’t know how this situation reached this level.

You and your organization mean the world to me. My friend Paula contacted you initially which was the best help, ray of hope, I have received. Don’t let others forget about me. With the timing of this ban (summer and everyone out of Kuwait ) and the parents’ connections, without you I would have been doomed.

I hope that this message is coherent enough – I’m a wreck.

God bless you. I feel the love and it’s sent back to you!

Katherine Phillips

Source: The International Schools Review

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