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by Reema on July 3, 2007

in Kuwait Affairs

First I’d like to make it clear that personal attacks, insults or flaming doesn’t bother me at all, in fact it’s amusing because I know I hit a nerve. That being said any information I’ve posted about Kuwait was public information taken from Kuwaiti newspapers or other forms of media so getting angry at me doesn’t make sense at all.

I, like many other Kuwaiti bloggers when addressing flaws in our country is by in no means being “hateful” or “non patriotic” on the contrary, how could we as citizens better our country if we don’t discuss these problems? Personally I want to see a new Kuwait in the future. A Kuwait free of corruption, human trafficking, and injustice. I know things don’t happen over night and Kuwait is not the only country with problems but one can only hope right?

Not only do I talk about corruption in Kuwait but also the achievements. I think it’s beyond great that women finally gained their political rights by voting and entering elections. I applaud our government for trying to solve the Bedoon (undocumented persons, or residents of the country who don’t hold citizenship because the government doesn’t recognize them) problem, and most of all establishing protection laws for foreign workers who are abused by their employers.

The only thing that annoys me is how some Kuwaitis immediately assume you’re a lier and not a true citizen because of your views. Now in my personal opinion these people are delusional. Why? because they live in their delusional world fooling themselves that Kuwait is a full democratic country (yeah right). They don’t want to acknowledge any problems related to politics and society to avoid tarnishing the country’s image. I find this funny because like I said before all news is public and international, for example because Kuwait Is black listed for human trafficking the National Family Security Association forum was created to protect both workers and Kuwaiti families from domestic crimes and abuse. If people were not aware of these issues how could it be solved then? Ignoring the problems doesn’t mean they don’t exist nor would it fade away. HOWEVER addressing them and taking a stand for change puts Kuwait in a better situation internationally.

I say to those delusional people instead of going around insulting others for their views to grow up and make a change. I’m not saying I’m perfect I have my mistakes and would apologize if proven wrong. Want to debate? fine I’m cool with that but writing a comment that contains 90% insults and doesn’t contribute to the debate is just a waste of my time.
I’ve had only 1 person threatening me (I admit I was literally in tears from laughing) and I say to him/her come and get me 😛

so that’s what I have nothing to say about this topic, wanna insult me more? go ahead I love the drama 🙂

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