Spider-man and update.

by Reema on May 9, 2007

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I’ve said I’ll be updating regularly but it seems with my pregnancy I’m just too lazy to do anything. The constant back pain and the never ending morning sickness is making me feel just blah. I can’t believe my son Ali is going to be a year old this 1st of June! I’ve already planned to make a small birthday party for him and yes I’ll be posting pictures 🙂

So I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I still don’t know the sex of my baby! I had a level 2 ultra sound and the doctor said “i think it’s a girl but not sure” yeah my baby keeps turning a lot. I remember when i was pregnant with Ali he kept his legs wide open showing off his pee pee during the ultrasound but not this baby, oh well time would tell.

Saw Spider-man last weekend and I must say it didn’t live up to the hype. Even my friend Shara said it was funny and cheesy. There hasn’t been any good movies lately but I’m looking forwards to up coming movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Shrek 3 and Fantastic Four 2.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Anyway gotta go and get some sleep, I have so much catching up to do and lots of blogs to read, no promises but I will try to blog regularly.

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