Yeah it hurts

by Reema on November 17, 2006

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when your family treats you like an outsider and don’t include you in anything. It hurts when your own sister or brother don’t respect you at all. It hurts when you are constantly being criticized and judged by society without taking the time to actually know you because they are blinded in their pathetic ignorance. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. Granted I am a passionate woman when it comes to right or wrong but is that a sin?
I don’t care anymore…..I don’t…

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justlikeyou November 20, 2006 at 4:48 am

Hi Reema,
don’t be sad.. listen i know how you feel since we are in the same boat!
when i was in the UK my family did excatly that .. excluding me out .never telling me stuff and little bro and sis had no interest nor respect in me at all.. although i tried and called them as much as i could, but no use. when i first settled here back in Kuwait it was very very tough to be part of their lives still!! but with over time i showed them how much i love them and care about their lives i ask about them even when they don’t ask about me and i did the same with my parents until now after 5 years i finally feel like their daughter again .. even though sometimes having to hide and having to keep my scretes secret still puts a distance i still don’t let that get to me. Reema Ali and your hubby come first and they are your strength but your family are important too so don’t give up on them and try to hold on even when they don’t. there will be days when you are fedup a bit and will need them to be there for you.. as for society being judgmental well forgetit it .. hehe its enough the looks i get when we are in public places or at the airport.. but who cares.. this is our choice and we will see it through .. just know you are not alone and your passion and character are unique and amazing!! its amazing that you are “Um Ali” sa7?

Yalah salam


Reema November 22, 2006 at 3:32 pm

Just like you: Thanks for your comment 🙂 don’t get me wrong my relationship with my parents are beyond great but there are these specific issues that they choose not to involve me in when i should be involved, am i making sense? lol maybe not anyway I’m over that now. As for our society well let me be frank when i say FUCK EM! i don’t deal with stupidity anyway, of course not all people are stupid it’s just those ignorant bastards that think they know everything and believe they are above others.


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