Living with Epilepsy: My First Seizure (Part 1)

by Reema on November 11, 2006

in Epilepsy

I’ve mentioned and define Epilepsy before in my blog, sadly where i come from people are not aware or in other words lack the knowledge about it. Anyway I’ve decided to write a series of posts from time to time about living with Epilepsy how i dealt with it, how it changed my life and so on.

I still remember my first epileptic seizure, how could i forget the night that changed my entire life. I remember at the age 10 one beautiful Thursday night my friends from the neighborhood came over to play and we were a loud bunch. Our laughter filled the night’s sky, i remember being very happy as we laid on the wet grass of our small garden looking up at the stars and singing. In fact i made up this stupid song about the north star and my friends joined in, yeah we had loads of fun but it never lasted long.

When it was bedtime i got ready for bed and went to sleep what happened next. I vaguely remember, it’s a weird feeling I’ll try my best to describe it. It’s like watching short video clips that instantly show up then it’s dark again. I only felt or remembered those short moments where I’m actually conscious for mere seconds, i remember hearing my screams, remember biting my mom’s hand (she always placed her hand in my mouth so i won’t bite my tongue even though i kept telling her numerously not to. I guess that’s what being a mother means). My seizure would last for 1-3 minutes which felt like a life time for me then so very slowly i start my journey back to reality. My first memory of being conscious was in the back seat of the car, my mom holding me in her arms and kept rocking back and forth repeatedly saying in a quivering hysterical scared voice “Do you know who I am? I’m your mother Reema look at me sweetheart do you know me?” My face was wet a mixture of my sweat and mom’s tears, i tried to answer her but i only heard myself moaning. My tongue was heavy i couldn’t speak i was very disoriented and my body felt like lead i couldn’t move i was in pain and I blanked out a few times.

Later on i heard a man’s voice i wasn’t aware of my surroundings i tired to go back to sleep but the man was persistent he kept saying “wake up Reema wake up, do you know where you are?” slowly i opened my eyes. I didn’t know where i was it took me a few minutes until i realized i was in the hospital. The doctor asked me again and i nodded. My mom who tried her best to hide her pain and fear stood next to the bed smiling and brushing my hair away from my face soothing me with prayers and words of love. Dad stood looking at me he also wore a mask to hide his true emotions, a few years later mom told me when i had my first seizure that night my dad fell on the floor and cried. I fell asleep again and after a few hours i woke up with a splitting headache my body and muscles were very sore just lifting my hand hurt like hell, mom was there and i found out that during my seizure i lost control of my bladder hence the change of clothes.

End of Part One.

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justlikeyou November 15, 2006 at 12:13 am

oh reema it breaks your words break the heart but at you now! you make it look so easy to overcome any challenge! heheh so how are you now and ali and your hubby? do you miss home ? i was reading your blogs throughout ramadhan and as the days went by i could feel that eery feeling in my stomache like when i had to leave home and go back to the UK.
inshalah soon you won’t have to leave kuwait anymore.

how is the weather is it cold its starting to get colder here.

keep on writing and keep on smiling and don’t forget that 10yr old grew up to be Um Ali!!! 🙂



Reema November 17, 2006 at 7:31 am

Just like you: Hi long time no see! 🙂 we are all fine, how are you? it’s getting chilling her recently we’ve been having a lot of rain i don’t go out anyway Ali doesn’t let me hehehe


chikapappi December 14, 2006 at 7:33 am

Keep it up girl & enshallah allah kareem; Just take care of yourself for Alaawi


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