by Reema on November 4, 2006

in Ranting

I don’t want to sound mean or anything, I tend to think I get along with everybody BUT I hate people who latch on to you. I’ve recently met this woman who drives me crazy! she’s always pushing her views when it comes to taking care of my baby. As if that wasn’t enough, one time she called and told me she’ll stop by to drop some of her childcare booklets (ugh) then ends up staying 4-5 hours! oh come on lady I have a life too!

I remember one late morning she “stopped by” while I was cooking lunch. She stayed 3 hours and even ate lunch with us. She kept on chatting after my husband repeatedly hinted that he was tired. I swear I went up stairs changed my baby’s diapers put him to sleep came down stairs again and she was still yakking! I’ve also noticed she prefers to come around lunch time so she could eat. I don’t mind once or twice but NOT ALL THE TIME! and she goes for 2nds or 3rds. At least have the courtesy to tell me earlier so I cook could more!

Hmmm what else? oh yeah not to mention her misbehaving kids that drives me and my DH insane, especially when they scream and start running all over the place, and what does she do? NOTHING! I came so close of loosing it when her kid flooded the bathroom and kept on ringing the door bell after I told him not to because my baby was sleeping. The kid just laughed… ugh that’s it END OF RANT.

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Pearls November 6, 2006 at 7:04 am

She definitely loves your food lol. You might as well tell her that you can’t have her around at anytime because you need some privacy. Just be honest to her even if you may sound rude. My co-worker had the same problem with a friend of hers. It was to a point that this lady would stop by whenever my co-worker wasn’t around, but her husband would be there and he’d pretend to be asleep, sometimes he wouldn’t answer the door. She needs to be told off!


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