by Reema on October 18, 2006

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Sameya, a woman of grace and joy, a woman of strength and gratitude and much more her, kindness was endless. I remember her smile when I was a child, so many years had passed since then. I can’t recall when I last saw her. Sameya, a woman who raised five of her children after cancer took her husband away from them 15 years ago. She gave them her strength her love her very soul. Today this great woman who lived her life to the fullest rests beneath the earth. The women wailed in pain and sorrow, and tears drenched their clothes. Her two boys who are now grown men slowly sunk down to the ground, their hands that covered their faces muffled their anguished cries. I can’t even describe how her daughters suffered their mother’s death because it pains me deeply. It was not enough that cancer took her husband but it came back to take her as well, it invaded her body taking her by surprise. It ate her soul and her strength even though she gave a good fight, at the end cancer won and now she is reunited with her husband in another world in another place far from here. She was a wonderful mother and a good wife, rest in peace aunt Sameya you shall be greatly missed.

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chikapappi October 27, 2006 at 5:00 pm

La 7awla wala qowwata ella bellah el3ali el3atheem! Enna lellah wa enna eleh raje3oon.. allah ye3een her children..


hope November 27, 2006 at 4:27 am



hope November 27, 2006 at 4:34 am

okaaay good.. i`ve been trying to submit my comment here a month a go and it always fails ! i dunno why ,,,, anyway… what i wanted to say that i never expected to read here about khalti samyaa to read such nice words about her.. we still in disbelieve thats she gone for ever ! everything happend in fast motion which make keep wondering when and how !? but all we can say is i knew this women since i was kid i`m her eldest doughter`s friend..her kids still straguling of the miss of their mother especially the unmarried kids … anyway i wanna thank you on their behave for a the nice words its so sweet 🙂
P.S: i`m kinda wondering who u might be?!?! i bet u were with us in school 🙂


Reema November 27, 2006 at 9:18 am

Hope: I’m sorry you couldn’t comment before a couple of my friends had the same problem i hoped i fixed it. I agree it’s hard to believe khalty Sameya is gone whatever we say about her is not enough she was a great woman. We lived in the same neighborhood in fact her house was in front of ours, my only regret was not going to the funeral because my son got sick and i had to take care of him.

Recently mom saw R. (not mentioning any names ;)) and she told my mother that a friend of hers read what i wrote (I’m assuming it’s you) like you i was shocked to know someone here knew khality Sameya, I know it’s hard for her kids right now God be with them inshalla. I’m not sure if i know you or not i went to N.E.S and had many friends, ask R. she knows me we practically grew up together same goes with the other girls in the neighborhood, thank you for your comment and please salmay 3ala R. allah ye3enhom.


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