by Reema on October 3, 2006

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For those who don’t know what’s a Gergee-an it’s a very old tradition that starts during the holy month of Ramadan it’s similar to “trick or treat” of Halloween the difference is there is no treat, here children wear special nice clothes and they go door to door in their neighborhood chanting Gergee-an songs so they could be rewarded with sweets to fill up their hand bags. Some houses in honor of their children prepare special designs hand bags/boxes filled with sweets to send them out to their friends and families, usually the boxes would have a picture of the boy/girl in it with a small card identifying whom the Gergee-an is from. The sweets doesn’t have to be in handbags or boxes some people get creative and come up with beautiful designs, here are some examples that i received from friends and family:

This one is a beautiful lantern the sweets were placed inside.

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Another beautiful lantern

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This one is different then the others and you could see the bag of sweets.

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My mom decided to prepare a Gergee-an for my baby Ali and since she has a tailor shop she sewed the bags herself.
This evening all of her friends were coming, a women’s gathering if you want to call it. All were eager to see baby Ali the long awaited grandson. One by one they came each with their fancy colorful clothes, their shining diamonds that decorated their necks, ears and hands, and not forgetting their high pitch squeaky Hi’s that would make a deaf man hear again. I sat there holding Ali as one of them greeted me and with a “May I?” she snatched my baby just before i was about to mention that he was allergic to perfumes and scented oil which of course drenched their clothes. Ali was being passed by from one person to the other. I could imagine from a baby’s perspective he would see huge monsters with painted faces laughing wickedly in his face. No sooner was he held by the 18th person did he screamed his protest. One old lady whispered in my ear just before i was about to go to my son “it’s the evil eye i tell you, read some verses of the Quran for protection or he’ll never sleep tonight” i nodded and went to my baby he was so tired he immediately slept in my arms, i went to my room and put him in his crib hoping he won’t dream of monsters with painted faces.

After making sure Ali was sound asleep i put the baby monitor on and went to join them again. The women danced and chatted, the usual gossip i guess, then we had dinner (I’m glad to eat good Kuwaiti food!) afterwards mom gave each guest their Gergee-an each one was different from the other but the sweets inside were the same. It was an enjoyable evening but I’m not sure Ali had fun, poor baby. Here’s the Gergee-an mom made:

That’s from the outside which mom made, it looks like a couch cushion, each one had a different design.

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This is the box inside the cover.

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My favorite part, the pouch of sweets 😀

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Q8Sultana October 11, 2006 at 5:45 am

Have fun in Kuwait!


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