Women Political Rights

by Reema on May 17, 2005

in Kuwait Affairs, News & Politics

So they finally gave Kuwaiti women their political rights, that’s a good step towards democracy, yeah right, like it’s going to change the country, what a punch of BS i mean lets face it Kuwait won’t change at all and i’m not talking about the country nope i’m talking about peoples mentality, as a country it’s growing fast and that’s excellent but as a society i’m not that sure, from what i read in the Kuwaiti newspapers it seems that things are going downhill. The Parliament, which is a joke never did anything good, to be fair lets just say the bad is more then the good, you have the islamists and most of their views is based on the stone age pre-Islam period, it’s all tribal blah blah blah bullshit, and if they dislike any new appointed minister the best way to get rid of him is by bombarding him with questions and doing an investigation on how he’s handling his job until he gives them the finger and quits. It really sickens me when i hear some of my fellow countrymen say “Kuwait is a democratic country” ha ha ha yeah if you’re living in wonderland, granted Kuwait is way better then most Arab countries in the Gulf in numerous things but it’s NOT DEMOCRATIC and there’s a lot of examples which proofs it but i’m not in the mood to get into it. Am i pro womens rights? of course but will it work? we shall have to wait and see, actually i’m anxious to see the results and how it’ll change the country, don’t get me wrong i love Kuwait but i wish that some of the major issues were solved. Of course there were a few men (mostly islamists) in the Parliament who disagreed and in the past month i’ve been reading in the newspaper why they were against womens political rights, would you believe they said that a woman’s place is at home and her only job is raising her kids, pathetic isn’t it, but thank god we have liberals in the parliament too, plus the government is pro womens rights, here in the States i’m a democrat (too bad we didn’t get rid of Bush) but overall i’m glad things turned out to be this way and i really really really hope it’ll change Kuwait to the best inside and out.

Other news: Newsweek Apologizes for Quran Story Errors [Washingtonpost] Just terrible and what happened after was even much worse, one of my best friends (who is Jewish) said:

“If the flushing happened, it’s certainly wrong and sacreligious. But I think it was wrong for the protests to turn violent too. People should not have died. A non-violent protest would have garnered more respect and received the same attention. I wish the value of life was greater in that part of the world. People were reportedly volunteering themselves as suicide bombers in response to this. Why can’t people see it as the stupid and ignorant actions of a handful instead of condemning a whole nation for such a thing, especially if it might not have even happened? (though I suspect it probably did)”

God bless you Bill, you’re absolutely right

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