No sleep

by Reema on May 15, 2005

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So i decided to do some writing and guess what once i started i couldn’t stop, so far i finished 2 Thundercats and Wolverine fanfic! i know i know I’m just wasting time but it’s fun, to me writing is like therapy. Tomorrow or i should say today we are going to Philly and I’m planning to enjoy this short trip, the weather is nice but to be honest i really don’t like summer i prefer winter with plenty of snow and freezing, yeah some people think I’m nuts but i really do enjoy the cold especially when you go out and you don’t even feel your hands, i prefer that over heat, i guess because i come from a desert environment country and God help me when we go back home this summer we’ll be melting or boiling from the heat. I wish we could go to New Orleans I’ve been dieing to go there but my husband is working so that’s out of the question, i think he uses his work as an excuse but rest assure i will go there when it’s time for mardi gras, it’s a must even if i have to drag him over there. We might go next week to Atlantic City but not for gambling just visiting a friend, plus my mom never been there so it’ll be fun to show her around.

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