Human trafficking in Kuwait

by Reema on January 2, 2006

in Kuwait Affairs

KUWAIT CITY – Annu, an Asian house maid, says she worked 19-hour days for a year and was paid nothing. Her eyes well up with tears as she slaps her hand, demonstrating what her employers did when she reached out for food when it was not lunchtime – the only meal they gave her. When she could no longer stand the treatment, Annu fled for help to the embassy of her homeland.

The gaunt 38-year-old, her black hair gathered at the back of her head in a plastic clip, said she did not want to leave this tiny oil-rich country and hoped to find a new employer. Her three children back home need the money.

An average of 15 maids seek refuge at the embassy everyday, said a diplomat there, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition that he and his nation not be identified for fear of angering Kuwait. Full Article here.

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Ha22aW January 3, 2006 at 8:14 pm

ana marra tekallamt 3n el5adam they said surely ur mother is from India.LOL


Reema January 3, 2006 at 8:43 pm

Ha22aw: Welcome to my blog 🙂 as for your comment the way i see it even if the government made new laws and regulations the problem still exists within the people. I say whoever mistreats foreign workers they should be punished in jail or given a high fine depends on the nature of the abuse.


YAQOOB May 14, 2006 at 5:37 am

The sex crimes found in Kuwait are due to various reasons. There have been various cases in Kuwait where a Kuwaiti girl looses her virginity at the hands of driver or an emplooye working with them, her boy friend or any other strange person with whom she deals with in her day to day life. The main reason for this where a un-married girl looses her virginity is due to the reason that they are not controlled by their parents and and allowed by their parents to watch late night films. The second reason is due to the uncontrolled fasion found among girls in Kuwait that has left western fashion far behind.
The other cases of sex crimes found in Kuwait are where some Kuwaiti married women enjoy sex with other men other than their husbands. This is the worst form where a women is decieving her husband but here the guilty is not the woman but her husband who does not take care of her and does not fulfill her needs i.e sexual satisfaction the reward from Allah both for husband and wife. Money and luxuries of life is not every thing that women needs. If a husband facilitates his wife with all luxuries of life, it does not mean that he loves her and takes care of her, she needs some thing more. Here in Kuwait Kuwaiti men spend whole of their nights in Diwaaniyaaz with their friends and are unaware of their wives and during day time they either remain busy with work or spend most of their time while sleeping. They do not spend any of their time with their wives and with thier family. That is why the wife is forced to full fill her needs of sex from strangers and she is not guilty but her husband is guilty. She is not slave, you marry her, enjoy with her for some days and leave her when you are bored from her. She is your next half i.e part of life for the entire life. This relation is eternal and poious
To overcome this problem men should take care of their wives, sit with them and talk to them, listen to them what they are saying?, love them. I don’t say Diwaaniyaas is a bad thing but keep a limited time for Diwaaniyaaz and the rest of night, it is the right of wife and your family. Problem will be automatically solved.



Hadija January 18, 2008 at 9:22 am

You are absoutely right. Men just do not seem to care about their wives or children. But, I don’t agree that a woman should find someone else to fulfill her need. Just my opinion. I think that if her condition doesn’t improve after several years of trying, she should just get away from him. I am not just talking about the lack of intimacy, but also neglecting her emotional needs and the needs of their children. Men are so child like. After one or two years, we become their mothers, or their maids. And the only time they want to see us or talk to us, is when they want to have alittle “fun”. After a while, the woman starts to feel lonely, unappreciated, and neglected. And in many cases, if she tries to talk to him about his behavior, he will just start ranti ng and raving, until she backs down. He knows that if he does this to her he will keep her from asking him anything else. The man seems to keep the woman under his control by using abuse tatics. Also,he will keep her so busy in the house, with the kids, cleaning, homework, and other duties that she doesn’t have time to socialize and talk to other woman. Keeps her in the dark. The woman starts to feel that she deserves this bad behavior, because she has no support. No one to reach out to. And sometimes, he will control her by hitting her, and then tell her, “you made me do that.” ANd he will convince her it was her fault. She becomes so afraid of him, that she will do anything not to let him hit her again. This is wrong. I hope that the government will establish a human rights law that will actually help these women. And, establish a safe house for maids, and abused wives. Men should not be allowed to get away with this abusive behavior. Their children will carry this behavior with them to their marriages, and the cycle will continue. Allah help the women of Kuwait, and the rest of the world who suffer at the hands of the very person that suppose to keep and protect them, and give them some since of security in their lives.


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