My Poor Kilba

by Reema on September 19, 2005

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Today is my third day fasting so naturally I was busy all day cooking in the kitchen. Usually my cat Kilba would lie down on the carpet just outside the kitchen watching me cook (his favorite hobby), but I noticed he was no where to be seen. I called him a few times but he never came I knew something was wrong. After spending a few minutes looking under the tables I found him in the bedroom facing the corner with his back to me as if a child being punished. I sat next to him and petted his back and said his name softly. The strangest thing happened, as soon as he heard his name he turned slowly gave me a hoarse “meow” and I saw tears! His sad expression broke my heart and immediately he jumped on my lap. I don’t know what was wrong with him but I hugged him and stayed holding him for an hour. After that he was back to his playful self. It’s amazing how animals express themselves or how they comfort you when they feel your distress, Kilba is fine now I guess he must’ve felt lonely or something and needed some TLC 🙂

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Vasco Coelho September 20, 2005 at 10:41 am

Happens sometimes with my dogs too,and i have to stay next to them for long time…guess it’s normal,we’re the best friends of our pets so,we have to comfort them as friends do…in this case and having you as friend,Reema,you should say “My Rich Kilba”…


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