Andy Whitfield you shall be missed

by Reema on September 13, 2011

in Memoriam, Movies & Shows

Bringer of rain, slayer of Theokoles and the true Champion of Capua.

Spartacus was one of my favorite shows, I was shocked me when I found out Andy Whitfield passed away due to lymphoma cancer. He fought bravely as a gladiator, and his fans will never forget him. Rest in Peace.

I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother, for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from a chest, or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. Your lives are your own. Forge your own path, or join with us, and together we shall see Rome tremble.


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