True Blood Finale *sobs*

by Reema on September 12, 2011

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And finally True Blood is over 🙁 now I have to wait 9 months for season 5, waiting sucks!

Spoilers/Cliff hangers:

Tara getting shot was a total shocker but I have a feeling she’s not dead. Maybe season 5 she might be turned into a vampire? I’m pretty sure Eric and Bill will sense Sookie’s distress and will come running. Questions in mind, will Tara be turned and who is going to be her maker? is she really dead? will she be the “Bubba” from the books? I’m so glad Debbie is gone, was about time to get rid of that skank.

Russell Edgington is back! I’m very excited about this because I know he’s going to cause some major havoc next season.

Steve Newlin showing up at Jason’s place with fangs was another shocker, but I think they were fake and he was just pretending to be a vampire. If he was truly turned then I believe he might’ve had a hand in releasing Russell from his grave. Would be interesting to see who’s his maker next season and what happened to the Fellowship of the Sun.

As I predicted I knew Marnie would use Lafayette’s body to kill Jesus. It was sad to see him gone even though I got tired of Lafayette getting possess over and over again. I wonder if Jesus’s demon is still in Lafayette after Gran pulled Marnie out. If so, Lafayette might be able to heal Tara, another possibility to think about.

As for Pam’s breakdown it was nice seeing her other side of her personality, but she needs to come to terms that Eric loves Sookie or her jealousy would forever ruin her relationship with her maker. Gotta love Ginger, that was sweet of her hugging Pam and not screaming for once.

The double feeding was hot and funny, sure seemed that Sookie was feeling some orgasmic pleasure hehehe..oh let’s not forget the matching robes. Sookie’s love triangle is just a big mess, I wanted her to end up with Eric so badly but the show drifted far away from the books. Eric’s vulnerability and tenderness was so heart breaking in that scene.

BEST PART EVERRRR, lucky bitch lol

Waiting for next season will be a pain, so many questions to be answered and I can’t wait to see Russell Edgington’s revenge. Speaking of revenge I guess Eric still needs to avenge his family’s death.

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