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by Reema on August 12, 2009

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High above the cliff overlooking the restless raging waves and black rocks they preformed the ritual of love. The howling winds disguised their hymn to one another. Just like the storm she wanted to destroy the emptiness that ate her alive. Her love was wild and untamed. Her desireS unleashed, free to ravish, to feel, to touch, and to taste. The storm only heightened her lust, her yearning and causing her shame to vanish.

In utter surrender she threw her head backwards facing the veined thunderous dark skies screaming her pleasure with intense ecstasy making the gods envious, her act of holy defiance. They held each other tightly afraid to let go, not knowing if this was real or only a dream. If it was a dream they did not want to be awakened. Scents mingled, bodies intertwined, rules were broken, soul and heart joined just for mere moments of inner peace. In silence their eyes spoke of endless devotion, of despair and broken vows.

She wanted to stop the growing void inside her, but this was no fairy tale. This was her destiny, her fate, to taste that forbidden fruit and still feel the gnawing hunger, to drink the water of life and still cannot quench her thirst. Was he the one that would banish her emptiness forever? His touch was gentle yet his eyes like her own held untold hidden secrets and past torments. Two different souls touched by Fate’s anguished teardrop uniting them in what little time they had together on this earth. Both dwelling in their miseries.

Alas the clouds shied away filling the skies with spying stars. As the storm slowly faded, and the drizzle kissed their naked bodies washing their sins away. She looked far into the horizon knowing so well another storm was on its way. The battle was lost and both were defeated. All they had were their endless devotion, their despair and broken vows.


Art by Maria Sumpter Copyright © 2005


It’s been awhile and I thought I was safe. I thought it went away but in reality I was a dreamer, or rather I fooled myself into believing it was over. Last night deep in my sleep my nightmares came back. My screams woke me up, hate when that happens. I really didn’t mean to scare my baby and disturb her sleep. How can anyone stop their nightmares from coming back, same scene, same event, over and over again, never ending, reminding, punishing, ever tormenting.

I can’t deny I rarely sleep at night, but I can’t fight my body when it wants to rest. God knows how many times I tried. Finally I slept and my nightmare came with vengeance. When I woke up screaming my pillow was wet from my tears. Would it ever stop? I don’t know, I really don’t know…



by Reema on September 3, 2008

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He stood alone in that cold hospital room holding his father’s lifeless wrinkled fragile hand. He was consumed with grief and anger and even though what he was about to do was hard for him he knew deep in his heart it was time. He closed his eyes and within the shadows of his mind he traveled back in time when he was a small child. He remembered how his father beat him daily for no reason. His three brothers and sister suffered the same fate but his torment was different.

His father was a tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. He would beat his children and wife endlessly. It gave him great pleasure to see them hurt as he fed on their fears and rejoiced on their screams. There were only two people who paid the ultimate price, his mother who became paralyzed after continuous abuse and him. His father left a permanent mark, a scar never to be forgotten.

He remembered once going back home after he was done playing with his friends. His father sat in his regular old chair staring at the door like a predator waiting. When he entered the house his father leaped with excitement attacking him, but this time he fought back even though he was no match to his father’s strength. He saw the shock and rage in his eyes and he knew at that moment he was doomed.

Screaming, he was pulled by the hair to his bedroom, using the bed sheets his father tied him down. Once he made sure his son could not escape he ripped his clothes exposing him, then reaching inside his pocket he took out his lighter. It was clear what he was about to do. He remembered begging him for mercy but he received none. His screams of pain still echoed in his ears, and the smell of burning flesh shall be forever imprinted in him. He remembered passing out for it was too much to bear. For days he couldn’t walk so he stayed in his room, scared, alone and in pain.

Now as a grown man he looked down at his deceased father, because of him he had no children. Even though his wife loved him dearly he saw in her eyes how she longed for a baby of her own and it pained him.
“I forgive you” he whispered as he covered his father’s face, and walked away, never looking back.

This is the story of my cousin, a brave man who survived child abuse. God bless him.

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The Gathering

by Reema on December 15, 2007

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I sat among them as i was feeding my daughter in my arms, four women surrounding me and i was the fifth sitting in a circle as if preforming some ancient ritual. I listened to their conversations trying hard to show some interest when I’m not, so materialistic, so fake, they allowed themselves to be blinded from the truth. Nothing lasts forever, not the diamonds that decorated theirs hands nor the big mansions that hid tales of misery and loneliness, all an illusion that these women created each competing with the other. Their castles filled with untouched dusted treasures that lost their sparkle in time, no warmth to be felt nor love.

They looked at me with mocking eyes judging my appearance I could sense their anger for refusing the life they chose, I may not wear diamonds nor live in a mansion but i am content with myself of what I left behind and what I have become. I looked down at my daughter her tiny hand holding my finger needing the warmth of her mother, my heart melted at her smile indeed I have all what I ever wanted, the unconditional love that these women lacked.



by Reema on July 21, 2007

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Life is full questions and doubts; many of these questions are left unanswered. They are forever floating and drifting in our minds, whispering and asking. Questions that scars your brain from endless thinking. That drives you mad without harming your soul, that makes you wonder is it me or them. That makes you doubt if this world is real or an illusion. That makes you feel you are lost in the ruins of your mind. That blinds your sight when you see the truth staring back at you. That makes you search for the one thing you could never grasp. That makes your pain dance on a pleasurable tune echoing from the depths of your heart. That causes you to scream in a crowded room yet still you are not heard.

Questions…Who are you? I do not mean the name your parents gave you when you were born on this wounded earth. No, who are you really? Who is behind that fake mask? Can you answer? Do you have the courage? The honesty?


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Yeah it hurts

by Reema on November 17, 2006

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when your family treats you like an outsider and don’t include you in anything. It hurts when your own sister or brother don’t respect you at all. It hurts when you are constantly being criticized and judged by society without taking the time to actually know you because they are blinded in their pathetic ignorance. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. Granted I am a passionate woman when it comes to right or wrong but is that a sin?
I don’t care anymore…..I don’t…



by Reema on October 18, 2006

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Sameya, a woman of grace and joy, a woman of strength and gratitude and much more her, kindness was endless. I remember her smile when I was a child, so many years had passed since then. I can’t recall when I last saw her. Sameya, a woman who raised five of her children after cancer took her husband away from them 15 years ago. She gave them her strength her love her very soul. Today this great woman who lived her life to the fullest rests beneath the earth. The women wailed in pain and sorrow, and tears drenched their clothes. Her two boys who are now grown men slowly sunk down to the ground, their hands that covered their faces muffled their anguished cries. I can’t even describe how her daughters suffered their mother’s death because it pains me deeply. It was not enough that cancer took her husband but it came back to take her as well, it invaded her body taking her by surprise. It ate her soul and her strength even though she gave a good fight, at the end cancer won and now she is reunited with her husband in another world in another place far from here. She was a wonderful mother and a good wife, rest in peace aunt Sameya you shall be greatly missed.