My Best Friend

by Reema on November 23, 2005

in Friends

It’s amazing how people change over night, people that you knew since childhood shared with them your tears and laughter, your pain, your grief, your happy moments and suddenly just like the wind all the memories all the secrets and promises are blown away without a single trace that it ever existed, so sad when i think about it now. Friendship what does it really mean? no let me ask that question in a different way did friendship loose it’s meaning? i sit and wonder what would drive a person to just act this way to just simply ignore your calls and messages and never explain why.

Dear friend if you are reading this then know that from the moment we became friends 18 or so years ago i have never been a person that would judge people nor mock them and you know what type of person i am, the decision you made doesn’t bother me there is no need to feel ashamed, do you think that i would laugh at you? hate or judge you? you know that i would support you all the way so don’t think I’d turn my back on you because of what you did i simply don’t care, why end our friendship?
You’ve been there for me since the beginning you saw my raw pain when i went through the miscarriages and finally when i got pregnant and the baby was doing well you choose to act this way when i desperately wanted to share with you the baby’s first movements within me, the pictures and the joy of delivery and so on, all i wanted is to feel now it’s my turn to show you like you did when you had your kids but i guess it’s not happening, is it worth it? and yes it does hurt deeply but if that’s your choice then there’s nothing i could do then thank you for the best years of friendship we had, take care my friend πŸ™


My Friends

by Reema on August 31, 2005

in Friends

I’d like to dedicate this entry to my dear friends, indeed one feels more then grateful to have met wonderful kind people such as your selves. I am touched by your uniqueness and kindness and i am profoundly honored to be your friend.

As my dear friend Kevin said

Such hatred and ignorant judgment really makes me angry and profoundly sad at the same time. I can not and I will not add to that destructive and ignorant atmosphere of darkness. Neither religion nor cultural back ground can make me not welcome any hand offered in friendship. Indeed, I celebrate the differences to be found amongst us all. How dull and static life would be otherwise! If only others could see the truth of this, there would never again be a 911 anywhere. Real people such as you, your husband, my wife, my step-daughter and myself would ever conceive of such a horrible act, neither, can I believe, could we ever approve of such an act. Besides, being friends is so much easier and far more rewarding emotionally and spiritually!

Then there is KT, a gentle soul, a person with a heart of gold who is misjudged by ignorant people. KT no matter what they say it’s their loss for not knowing you, we bonded through our pain and now i could say that i have another sister πŸ™‚

and Vasco a saint in his own dark way πŸ™‚ a thoughtful person who embraces people from different cultures, i don’t care how dark you are you’ll always be an angel in my eyes πŸ˜‰

Then there is my friend Shi, a talented writer, we both shared the same pain when i lost my daughter back in April and she lost hers in May. I’ll never forget her comfort words and support.

Ah sweet Raindrop we both share the same name, a person with a tender heart who loves to help and see people happy to the point of forgetting herself, such qualities are rare.

Shaira i would like to thank you her for her inspiring words. Her words are spoken with such fire and passion never afraid of voicing her opinion and i applaud that πŸ™‚

and so many more of my friends that if i mentioned them one by one i won’t be able to finish this entry πŸ˜‰ i am truly blessed knowing all of you, without you this world would be meaningless, thank you πŸ™‚


An email from a “friend”

by Reema on June 14, 2005

in Friends, Ranting

I received an email from my so called childhood friend commenting on the entry and email I wrote about sect discrimination in Kuwait (Sunnis and Shiites) I’m sharing this email just to show you how some people back home are pure ignorant, here’s what she wrote:


Now keep in mind we are both Sunnis but unlike her she believes that Shiites and other Islamic sects that differs from her beliefs, for example Sufism, are heretics. then again not all Sunnis are alike. Some are respectable and willing to debate in an intellectual manner, and of course others choose to personally attack you like my dear “friend” here. It’s kinda funny and it doesn’t bother me at all. At least I’m not blinded by lies and ignorance, as a matter of fact my reply to her was a simple “Thank you”.

speaking the truth, respecting other people’s religions, not being a racist, not treating foreign workers as slaves, not being an extremist, not calling people infidels or heretics. Thinking that terrorist attacks against innocent people even if they’re NOT Muslims was wrong, thinking bin laden is NOT a hero but a murderer, believe all Islamic countries are corrupted, and majority of Muslim rulers are tyrants
is considered as trashy and uncivilized then I’m one proud happy uncivilized and “trashy” woman πŸ˜€